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Lauritz Streck
Lauritz Streck
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April 12, 2015
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about me

U26-Player from Germany, currently studying mathematics at the Bonn University. 


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European Pairs Champion (U26), Opatija 2018
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The notorious doctors
The "anomaly" in question was playing a hybrid system (Natural when vulnerable, Precision when not). Varying the minimum number of cards shown according to vulnerability was forbidden according to the CoC. There simply wasn't any other pair who attempted to play anything like that, so they were the only ...
play 7nt for life
That's not a problem as you have a simple squeeze then. However, the double squeeze doesn't work as East can just pitch like Dummy.
Test for experts or for...bots
Ben, What was your example hand meant to show? In the hand a heart lead still doesn't accomplish much (flip KQ or don't): Declarer wins, takes a spade finesse and has a type R double squeeze with as pivot suit (I think the best play for declarer ...
500,000-1 Hand
Unfortunately an entry to dummy is not always of advantage ;) The full story at our table was that declarer won the trump lead, cashed A and another high trump, then crossed to dummy with the last trump and advanced the Q. There is visibly no dummy entry left, but he ...
500,000-1 Hand
In the European Youth Championship 2013 in Wroclaw there was a 31 point hand: AKQ109 AKQ A AKQx. Back in the days we bid to 7 after 2 - 2 / 2 - 3/ 7. Dummy was Jxx xxx QJxx xxx. I'll let you figure out ...
A fine line between...
If partner has the J it doesn't matter. With that card declarer has already shown 17HCP.
Defending a slam accurately
But can't South can just let go of his spades? Declarer needs them for transportation for his Simple Squeeze. The king of spades will be the squeeze card. Actually Declarer can always make on the Double Squeeze if he believes North to have KQ. But the order of play ...
Defending a slam accurately
Even if North guards spades, one has to decide what to play for when pitching on the last club from Dummy. Thus, following the odds, one will always go down.
What is your preference for this sequence?
Natural and gameforcing, either looking for the best game or slam. You need this bid to be forcing to judge between 4, 3NT, 5 or a slam, but "natural. Slam interest" is to narrowly defined. I would expect a close to unanimous vote if you added such an ...
Ruling question from Krakow
Apparently, the rest together with a few sentences of me were lost when posting the comment, so here is the rest: Greetings, Maciej PS. Piotr asked by TD told that he was counting if it is possible that we don’t have two aces and the queen and I bid ...

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