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April 12, 2015
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U26-Player from Germany, currently studying mathematics at the Bonn University.


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Picking up a bad trump break...
Nice article again, Max! On a club lead you can win, cash hearts and then clubs, pitching a spade on the fourth one. On the last club West has to either unguard spades or pitch a diamond honor, in this case you can pitch another spade and duck a diamond ...
Missing Aces and Micro-Moysians
Sounds like a great idea, I'd be thrilled to read it! There is a vast amount of people with English as the native language in this community, perhaps one of them could read your article, alter some formulations or check for spelling mistakes before you post it. Would this ...
Missing Aces and Micro-Moysians
I meant the other guys in 6NT with the "likely diamond continuation", hope this wasn't ambiguous. Of course the A is quite unlikely to run away in 6.
Missing Aces and Micro-Moysians
At the table I didn't think in this direction, thought it would only complicate matters because I believed the chance of a junior in this vulnerability actually having eight hearts to be negligible ;) But yes, it shouldn't be difficult to read the position if West has six or ...
Missing Aces and Micro-Moysians
Hope you're doing well too! I saw that in the vugraph archive as well, it was a little surprising. I wrote the article, saved it as a draft and asked the official Bridge Winners account(or you could send a mail to bw (at) bridgewinners (dot) com), they'll ...
Low level artificial bid is doubled
Hello Kit, I saw a discussion of the treatment in one of the old articles of your excellent column (unfortunately I can't remember which) where it appeared like you pulled only if you couldn't stand playing the contract redoubled. What made you change the treatment? Is it so ...
Good slam? Whats your line?
Independently of how you play the diamonds you should cash the spades before you Run the diamonds, I think. If West has say xxx Kxxx xx Qxxx he remains completely untoasted otherwise by just discarding his spades. There is no way to draw trumps afterwards, he'll just win and ...
Good slam? Whats your line?
I would certainly play a club to the king. If clubs are 3-2 you're cold now as long as diamonds aren't 5-1 by establishing the fifth diamond. Even if East has been cute from QJx (so the queen doesn't come down) you can just pitch your losing ...
The Right Order
Great Article as always, this series really helps to improve a lot. Thank you! Two minor points though: In the second diagram on page 11 the A is already played. And West discarding on the third diamond isn't an issue in this particular hand as you can ruff low ...
Kevin O'Dea's bidding problem: 76543 T62 9762 K
The hand is just too weak to expect anything to make. And bidding could be VERY costly.

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