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Lauritz Streck
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April 12, 2015
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U26-Player from Germany, currently studying mathematics in Jerusalem. 


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European Pairs Champion (U26), Opatija 2018
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Which Squeeze: Can You Out-Squeeze Kelsey?
Well, you have a classic strip squeeze ending in hand with K and K10. If you can guess West's shape you're cold, so that's much better than the proposed solution where you also have to guess the shape and needs some extra assumptions. In fact, this play ...
Declarer Play in 4SX vulnerable
I would do neither of the above, but ruff and play K. After this auction with South making slam tries I would place East with 5 spades (Doubling on Axxx and out looks like a sure way to disaster when South could easily have 6 spades). In that case ...
What to Play at Trick 5?
Craig, if partner has two out of K, Q, K but not the Q, he would have something like xxx AK xxxx KQxx which looks like an opening bid to me. Regarding your second point, surely xxx Ax Qxxx KQxx for partner and AK Kxx xxxxx 10xx for declarer is ...
What to Play at Trick 5?
Well, unless someone passed 12 points, partner has to have the Queen of Diamonds. And even though some players do that from time to time, in this case partner would have AK+KQ while declarer probably would have invited game with 12. So I would cash DA, DT and see ...
Which road on play?
Looks like the key decision. Just playing small seems to be with the odds. If you run into a ruff and hearts were 3-3 all along, too bad
Which road on play?
There is no good entry to hand to play the spade finesse (clubs risks running into a ruff which shouldn't be hard to find), so I would win the A and play a heart to the king. If it wins I'll play on spades and try to ...
Unblocking play
If the layout is such that South ducks the first trick, the 6 is optimal (North needs one smaller pip to have an option, South has one smaller pip he's ducking with and both West and South need another pip that is smaller for the throw in not to ...
Plan your play 280919
Surprising lead considering the bidding, so it looks like East will have a lot of major suit cards. Best appears to play 8 to the Ace and the spade finesse, keeping the danger hand off lead. If only one club loser, that's 100%. And if there are two losers ...
Challenge the WC quarterfinalists' declaring skills
Deleted, Duplication Edit: OK, since there are already replies: I mentioned the Squeeze, gave the example of a hand like 109x Jxxx xx Jxxx and said one had to rise queen to make, unless taking a shot lateron. Another edit: Screw it, after you updated your comment I ...
The notorious doctors
The "anomaly" in question was playing a hybrid system (Natural when vulnerable, Precision when not). Varying the minimum number of cards shown according to vulnerability was forbidden according to the CoC. There simply wasn't any other pair who attempted to play anything like that, so they were the only ...

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