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Leah Newell
Leah Newell
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April 3, 2014
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Feb. 1, 2018
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Bridge Player
about me

Certified  bridge teacher and director.

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Teaching preteens ... One pair won the contract with a bid to 2 or 3 of a suit. After it was played out they excitedly had won all 13 tricks. The pair squealed with delight and gave each other a high five across the playing table. They had not learned the part about scores mattering more than tricks taken yet. This was about their second lesson. This is the enthusiasm to create when teaching young people.
Bridge Accomplishments
20+ blue ribbon qualifiers and always playing as ethically as I can.
Regular Bridge Partners
best is Terry Goodyloontz
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Springfield, IL
Favorite Tournaments
anything in St Louis/St Charles MO ... They organize the best sectionals and regionals.
Favorite Conventions
precision with some meckwell flavor, 2/1 with many Hardy endorsed gadgets
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Silver Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Mark Kinzer's bidding problem: AT7 KQ53 AQ76 KQ
Doesn't a 2D response deny a 4 card major plus D support? I would make a neg X with both then if opener picked the wrong major I, responder, could retreat to our diamond fit. Presumably from answers to this bidding problem I am mistaken.
In The Beginning
Continuing to encourage beginners and intermediate level players to stay away from open games and tournaments keeps them from learning rules. I have seen the rules from being taught even to players after they have played duplicate in ACBL sanctioned clubs for over ten years so their desire to continue ...
You must follow the Laws
Steve, it is great that you give lessons to beginners that include education with rationale about the laws. This makes your students more comfortable with tournament play and to expect director calls rather than be offended by them like so many newer club players are unfortunately trained to do. The ...
Open Denver Discussion Thread
I have read through this thread and several items come up that can change. First is the location of this holiday NABC. I doubt familues will want to lure their immediate or extended families to join the bridge player during the holiday unless it is a location with non-bridge attractions ...
Mike Passell Wins 18,000 Masterpoints on Appeal
I think experts and pros should be held to the highest standards when deciding if rules were violated, similar to any competition in any endeavor in life. Not calling a director rather than choosing to adjust a board oneself, is an egregious violation by an expert that knows all of ...
An apology to David Wetzel and then some
Hi Jols, I do not personally know what rules exist for every competition requiring qualifications to play but whatever is in place should be followed, each incident decided as it occurs. I would think from discussions presented in BW that this annual cycle of competitions towards world titles rely on ...
An apology to David Wetzel and then some
I think each cheating pair should be handled as soon as possible and individually. There is never going to be a point in time when all suspicions of cheating will be handled so we or any organization can feel all cases are resolved. Each pair needs to deal with consequences ...
Gender Standard for ACBL Events
I vote to eliminate all gender based ACBL events. Although I recognize women who do well in women-only events have done well, I never can measure these accomplishments because the field is so small and narrowly defined. I would not be interested in pursuing women-only events. Similarly perplexing, what is ...
10 weeks
Boye, I highly respect your desire to "take out the trash" from bridge. I am glad you pushed to find a path to illuminate the cheating. I am hoping the ACBL committee and other organizations find a better way to ferret out cheaters without unfairly treating people that are innocent ...
10 weeks
Larry Robbins, that is always my pet peeve as well. I always want to see cards with claims. Even when I know the claim end results are accurate there are possible uncovered revokes still to consider. In club games and tournaments, regardless of the bridge skill of claimers or those ...

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