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Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: T32 Q32 732 8765
Brad, I perhaps should have said "tends to" show values or extra length. I agree 100% that if you hold the 2=2=5=4 hand, you might bid clubs. However, with such garbage, but holding 5 trumps, I might also just pass 1DX and hope for the best. While ...
Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: T32 Q32 732 8765
It is not masterminding to bid 1H. When you have nothing, and can't bid a 4-card suit without going up a level, you bid your cheapest 3-card suit and hope to survive. All advancer has promised with a 1H bid is zero HCP and three hearts, and the takeout ...
A Spingold Story
Serendipity was an extraordinary factor in this adventure. The formation of our team came about as a result of an unusual set of circumstances. I live on the east coast. I happened to be in Seattle the weekend before the nationals, attending my nephew's wedding. My sister plays bridge ...
A Spingold Story
I'll add more when I am not doing it by phone, but just want to note that I was not looking for a way to gracefully decline. I was simply unable to commit on the spot without checking with my partner. I knew that a recommendation from Jenni and ...
RKC poll
That could work, but if the opener has reason to prefer playing in a suit rather than in NT, it may not just be a 4-4 fit that is important to find. If the only option is to start suit exploration after a 5NT ask by opener, there is no ...
RKC poll
While I have one partner who insists on showing number of aces on the way if accepting a quantitative invitation, the way I was taught, and which I prefer, was closer to Oren's, where a suit response to 4NT at the 5-level was a four-card suit and invited counterproposals ...
What does a hesitation suggest?
I think the analysis is as follows: 1. What, if anything, did the BIT demonstrably suggest? 2. BIT suggested acting rather than passing, but did not demonstrably suggest a particular action. 3. Was passing a logical alternative? No. 4. Did the original BIT suggest that the 2S call on the ...
Active Ethics- is it 'natural'?
I don't think the concept of active ethics is that hard to understand. Do what you know is right, even if others might not. Disclose completely. (If you don't want to hear all the nuances of a bidding sequence, then you can stop the explanation. If your opponents ...
My partner and I had a hand about 15 years ago that we still laugh about. I think it may have been a team game, but I can't recall who our teammates might have been (and whether they might still be laughing). Partner opened 1S, I bid Jacoby 2NT ...
Ethics, what is allowed?
Threads like these demonstrate several things. The bridge world is filled with many highly intelligent and thoughtful individuals. Those individuals tend to have very strong opinions. Those opinions frequently conflict. Most important of all, a thorough (and respectful) airing of those views frequently reveals that the issues are more nuanced ...
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