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18 bids in a row
There's actually 27 total bids, but I think Kit's point is that he was able to construct two hands that could legitimately have a sequence of 26 consecutive bids (1NT through 6NT) without a skip, not necessarily that the system would have reached the best contract. A fascinating ...
Found out something this weekend that I did not know (and perhaps some of you may not either?)
Mike, I seem to recall now being puzzled by the idea that the ACBL was insistent that opening with a small singleton was absolutely, positively, illegal, but not providing for a penalty. Just re-reading the article now (October Bulletin, pg. 30), the emphasis seems to be on determining whether the ...
Found out something this weekend that I did not know (and perhaps some of you may not either?)
Richard, if I understood correctly the ACBL Bulletin article a month or so ago (not relating to Open+ chart), it stated clearly that anything other than a stiff A, K, Q is illegal. May not be done, may not be psyched, may not claim a mis-sorting of the hand. Simply ...
Found out something this weekend that I did not know (and perhaps some of you may not either?)
At the risk of stating what may be obvious to most of the people posting on this thread, and apologizing for what has turned into a ridiculously long post if what I am saying is obvious, this is intended to clarify what I saw as something of an ambiguity in ...
Should this bid be reported to the director ?
Many years ago, I was the victim of a psyche, where declarer had bid exclusion on his way to the grand, having a singleton in the exclusion suit. I failed to lead my ace. Sigh …. It occurs to me now to wonder: isn't there a rule against psyching a ...
Are Reverses “Off” in a 2/1 auction?
While I play it both ways depending on partner's preference, I prefer that a reverse in an auction like 1H-2C-2S shows extras, essentially strong NT values or better (not 18+). On a related point, I prefer that any rebid by opener that goes past 2 of opener's suit ...
1!c-(1!d)-1M promises four or more in the bid major, right?
I think the value of knowing right away that responder has both majors when he doubles far outweighs any advantage that 1M showing 5 offers (requiring, I gather, that with only 4, responder must double). As a side note, this is one reason why, with many partners, I play that ...
What should 3N mean?
In one of my partnerships, where we have suit agreement, 3NT is a trump cuebid, showing one of the A or K, but not both. Therefore, bypassing 3NT shows a control in the suit bid, plus both or neither of the A or K of trumps (partner should be able ...
And the 1!C - 2!D Jump Shift
Here's a simple approach that I use with a lot of partners, similar to what a couple of folks have suggested above: 1m-2m = single raise 1m-2m+1 = limit + 1m-3m = pre-emptive raise Slightly more sophisticated variation requires shifting one of the diamond responses: 1m-2H is artificial invitation in NT. Opener ...
What's going on?
It sounds like a stopper ask. Given that the question mark is at the east hand, and not the south hand, I'm not sure which side I'm supposed to be on. The question of what north is doing seems to suggest that the point of the post is ...
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