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March 1, 2014
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June 29
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ALT 5: My adventures on BBO part 5
Or maybe just a nervous 100 even though partner produces 4 defensive tricks? You would presumably have doubled 3 for takeout had your majors been reversed, but maybe you could also have doubled with this hand (showing 4+ or 0-1 ). Unless the opponents are playing a very deep ...
USBF invitational 1: My adventures on BBO part 3
It looks like partner must have the Q from his play in diamonds, which means that declarer must have KQ of spades - otherwise where is his gameforce? But even if South has the suggested hand K4 K109 A1093 QJ97 passive defence is not good enough. Declarer just cashes his minorsuit ...
USBF invitational 1: My adventures on BBO part 3
If you complete the echo in hearts, declarer will just duck the heart switch and has 5+0+2+2=9 tricks.
Request for help in South Africa
Laptops are normally easily accessible and relatively inexpensive in South Africa. However, during the current lockdown, all non-essential shops are closed and international and domestic mail service suspended. The lockdown started on March 27 and was initially set to last 3 weeks, but has been extended until the end of ...
Find a layout where you can make
Franco! As you mention above, it is better to eliminate the possibility of playing for the red suits to break: QJ973.....10862 Q10..........J642 6543........- A9............KJ874 I have given South only 102 of clubs - the 10 is important, but the 9 is not needed. Or rather - South's ...
Matchpoint Defense Problem
If declarer has Axx 9x QJTx AKQx, the 10 won't necessarily defeat the contract. Declarer can win the J and take his 3 diamond tricks. What do you discard on the last diamond? A much more likely hand for declarer is Axx 9x QJTxx AKx. Yes, partner's 9 ...
Enlist the Aid
♠AJxxx ♥xx ♦Qxx ♣Qxx would presumably have been a 2 call instead of a double. But give him a minorsuit Jack instead of a small spade and Kit's point is still valid.
Is the defence clear?
A spade costs (and a trump gains) if it costs you a trump trick to ruff a diamond in front of dummy. Give declarer Kx AKJ8762 xxx x "Only" two down if you switch to a spade or continue diamonds, but 3 down if you switch to a trump. And ...
Is the defence clear?
But the danger hand is not QJx, but Q10x. Fairly automatic to unblock the 10 now, just in case. Not to mention that declarer could have Q54.
Is the defence clear?
It is completely clear that partner has the A. Without this card, he would have known that any diamond loser will go away on the clubs, so would not have switched to a trump. Thus, South switched to a club (or continued diamonds) at the table and collected +100 when ...
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