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Len Fettig
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District 15 - Communications and Marketing Coordinator

1st Alternate to the ACBL Board of Directors

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Director ruling
The term 'expelled' has been replaced. The current term is: Pre-readmitted.
Help the UChicago Bridge Team Join the Coalition for Academic Teams
Suzi, I think Billy Rosen was a student at U of I when he was on the US Bermuda Bowl team in the early 1950's.
Help the UChicago Bridge Team Join the Coalition for Academic Teams
I'll add a few more things that Bridge teaches us. Leadership Communications Cooperation Good Luck.
Lanzarotti Readmitted to ACBL
Ray Y. You are right. Sorry all, I did not intend to highjack this thread. If someone wants to discuss free plays and other topics, please start a new topic. Play Nice and Build for Tomorrow.
Lanzarotti Readmitted to ACBL
I thought it strange that Robert Hartmann was granted free plays at NABC's. This occurred last year at the Toronto BoD meeting. Why would an Ex-CEO qualify for free plays? Then when he was elected by the BoD to represent us ...
Lanzarotti Readmitted to ACBL
He was convicted for cheating on one hand? Yet he and his partner had developed methods to signal each other. So they planned to cheat. For me, the intent to cheat is a more powerful issue than the single-hand comments.
Is bridge dying? Maybe, maybe not.
Ira, Good data. Thanks for doing the research. It supports Jeff's conclusion, that it is the smaller Clubs that are closing. I didn't understand the comments about tournaments. Do you also have data that supports your tournament comments?
Is bridge dying? Maybe, maybe not.
Ed, That sounds like a good activity for our new BoG data collection and analysis committee.
Is bridge dying? Maybe, maybe not.
Bridge in China I'll add my one-cent worth. Upon completion of High School, students must pass a difficult exam to be admitted to the University. Those who do not pass, can attend a trade school. There is a huge emphasis on academic achievement. As we know, bridge is a ...
A new type of regionals
Michael, Great analysis. Thank you for doing this. In my District, we analyze the attendance data, much as you have done. For 'local' players we divide those into 'day-trippers' and out of towners. When we have a lot of out of towners, the number of plays per person averages around ...

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