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District 15 - Communications and Marketing Coordinator

1st Alternate to the ACBL Board of Directors

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Will Compensation Boost Recruiting?
Steve, I always appreciate your thoughtful research and analysis. You have certainly put a lot of time into these two proposals. My view is that both of them throw money at the perceived problem. There is also an assumption that current members will recruit more new members if we provide ...
Upcoming, Challenging NABC's?
Las Vegas in the Summer will not be a problem for hotel space. That is the off season and Las Vegas has more hotel rooms than any other city in the world.
Honolulu BOD Journal
They left off my motion: Item 189-99: Removal of Deck Chairs A 3-year moratorium is effective immediately on: Any changes to Master Point awards, Any changes to NABC tournament schedules, and All non-critical changes to documents (Bylaws, CDR, etc.) This motion will take away the distractions that seem to impede ...
ACBL Club Appreciation Team games.
Does ACBLScore handle this type of game?
ACBL Club Appreciation Team games.
Club Appreciation Swiss games are really good for our newer players. Many times, it is their first (fractional) Gold Points. The issue that concerns me is that we also have Grand National team (GNT) games during this same time frame. For many Clubs, that creates a team game overload.
Restructuring the ACBL Governance - Post #3
Stu, Thank you for the information. It is welcome news to me. I've gone through this exercise to encourage others to participate in this activity. All too often, rocks are being thrown at the BoD, but plans for improvement are missing. I have no immediate plans to advance this ...
Special Bridge Rate
When negotiating for a tournament at a hotel, the major components of the contract are: Number of room nights that will be booked, the cost of the playing space, the cost of the food that will be provided by the hotel and the complementary rooms provided. When the Bridge Rate ...
Special Bridge Rate
Don M. wrote: " They were poorly attended - probably because the intended audience already knew how to run a tournament. Or so they thought." I agree with the statement as an observation. It is definitely my experience. However, I wonder if the host organization (Unit or District) has established any measurable ...
Restructuring the ACBL Governance - Post #3
I'll provide a better explanation of the Proposal. The Board of Directors is only involved in strategic topics. Shrinking the duties means shrinking the size; likely in the range of 6-8 members. All decision-making is handled by the nine Panels. All of the current 17 BoD Committees have been ...
Restructuring the ACBL Governance - Post #1
Jeff, thank you for your insight on this very important topic. I think you have made some really great points. • It is a huge change in subject matter going from the District-level to the ACBL BoD. As such, you have noticed that more meeting time is devoted to subjects that ...

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