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Leo Lasota
Leo Lasota
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May 26, 2011
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46 minutes ago
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Bridge Pro
United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
When asked by the director of 2003 NABC+ Fast Pairs if I am sure that I deserve a seed and I said probably since we won the event last year.
Bridge Accomplishments
2002 NABC+ Fast Pairs
Regular Bridge Partners
Brad Theurer, Mark Shaw
Favorite Tournaments
World Championships
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Transfers over 1C
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Leo LaSota
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Platinum Life Master
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Mike Cassel's bidding problem: JT653 9 A2 KQ732
There is no way that we would have passed this hand in 2nd seat, so this is an impossible auction.
Kevin O'Dea's bidding problem: K974 K42 K64 A53
Would always start 4333 shape w/ GF values w/ 2 over 1 from partner.
Is this a way to run an organization?
The Fri/Sat top bracket ko in Reston was the strongest throughout the week. They established the bracket with 9 teams, with a full round robin day 1. Teams played 6 board swiss matches against every other team on Friday. The top four teams by VPs then played semis & finals Saturday to determine 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th overall. On paper, there were different groups of teams: 1) likely to finish top 4 on Fri. and had a decent chance at winning the event; ...
Rajeev Jog's bidding problem: --- QJT632 J642 AJ9
Standard bidding is to bid 2 over 2 with this hand.
Bud Hinckley's bidding problem: KQ63 J4 QJT2 AJ9
Agree with John that starting these balanced GF hand types with 2 is best.
How Do You Defend?
How can I play the 2 when I do not even have it? Is that your way of suggesting that a continuation is wrong?
Jonathan Weinstein's bidding problem: AJT5 73 Q JT8652
My partners like to be a part of the decision making process also. They also prefer to be in the correct % contract at MPs.
Jonathan Weinstein's bidding problem: AJT5 73 Q JT8652
Both of the hands that you give are too strong for a "strong 1nt (14+-17)"; each of these hands opens 1, planning to rebid 2nt over 1 or 1nt from partner.
Jonathan Weinstein's bidding problem: AJT5 73 Q JT8652
I would have just transferred to with this hand. Even though we have 8 HCP, 2 of them are a singleton Q whose value is questionable. Additionally, the suit needs a lot from partner to fill it in for nt. Yes, bypassing may result in missing a ...
Leo Lasota's bidding problem: AT87 KT T963 Q53
I was North on the hand and thought that East made a good decision when she bid 4. I doubled 4 and they played it there. The opponents knew that they were destined for a bad score if I declared the hand anyway, so East was hoping to ...

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