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Lew Stansby
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Elinescu and Wladow win their case against the WBF
It's not clear how E and W benefit from this ruling. WBF tournaments are invitational, so unless the WBF is forced to invite them not much has changed.
Claim Rules
These rules would lead to far fewer claims, and a greater percentage of claims being contested. I'm not sure that's a good thing.
Delayed spade overcall
This auction came up in this year's Bermuda Bowl SF. The 2S bidder held KQxx AQx 98xxx x. That was doubled, intended as takeout but left in. Dummy produced a hand which had overcalled 2S at the other table!
BB QF USA2 vs. SWEDEN Round 1
Nystrom's defense was easier than Pepsi's since his partner had responded 2S rather than 1NT, so declarer could not have AKx. Pepsi could not switch to the KS since partner might have held Kx.
Proposal: New Soloway KO with Qualifying Swiss at Fall NABCs: Increase Attendance!
I don't believe that this proposal is an improvement over the current schedule. Consider the effect on players who want to play in the Senior KO, which has become a more popular event recently. Entering the Senior KO means that you can definitely not play the Blue Ribbon pairs ...
Handicapping the 2012 European Team Championships
I'll pick Netherlands. Italy plays very well against everyone, but in round robins they have consistently defeated the bottom teams by wider margins than their competition. In this tournament, results versus non-qualifiers do not count.
The problem with a 4S bid by opener over 4H is that neither partner will know it's a 43 fit so they will stay there when 5 of a minor is much better. I think opener's DBL is correct and responder should remove to 4S.

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