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Liam Milne
Liam Milne
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April 2, 2013
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2 hours ago
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Bridge Pro
about me

Bridge professional and Australian open-level international.

Nothing is better than winning in the big game with friends.


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
winning NZ Pairs by one matchpoint (2012)...
Bridge Accomplishments
Mitchell BAM 2019, (3rd) Reisinger 2019, Gold Coast Open Teams 2019/2017/2012, Australian Open Trials 2015, (9th) World Pairs 2014
Regular Bridge Partners
Andy Hung, James Coutts, Tony Nunn
Favorite Tournaments
Fall Nationals
Favorite Conventions
mini 1NT, woodie, the flan
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Any methods in this situation?
It wouldn't be totally crazy to play 2NT lebensohl here, would it? Give up a small edge on the way to a 3-level partscore, gain something in the game department...
Liam Milne's bidding problem: 53 J94 42 KQJ874
Results: Partner's hand is AKQ K87 AKQ75 A5 You can make slam in many denominations, the safest of which is 6NT. 2-3 will get you there. I bid 3 and pass 3NT for +520 and lose 10. I learnt something :)
Social Distancing? Here's a Digital Care Package
Nice one Nick! Well played
It Happened One Day
That's Gus Hansen, a famous poker player (and bridge aficionado). Definitely not Lotan Fisher.
It Happened One Day
Patrick, Why are you making excuses for this behaviour? You say in your first sentence that the comment was unethical, but you still run with this irrelevant story as though it in any way lessens the offence. Can you imagine yourself or any of your friends ever doing something like ...
It Happened One Day
Lol why are we talking about what the lead was, this incident is an utter disgrace and anyone seeking to sweep it under the rug has an agenda or a bias. It's that simple. I have never seen anything like this while playing high level tournaments. It's truly ...
Gold Coast wrap up
Liam Milne's bidding problem: KQT8 K6 AK752 A2
From bidding practice an hour ago :)
John McAllister's bidding problem: --- JT3 8753 AQ9853
Pass with this unappealing heart holding, but would not be at all surprised to see a preemptive 2 or 3 work. The obvious danger with 2 is that partner might take you seriously... but it does have the possibility of shutting out the 1 response.
How could we avoid losing 10 IMPs here
Partly bad luck, but I think West should overcall, especially at the colours. I would lead the unlucky club as well.

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