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Liam Milne
Liam Milne
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April 2, 2013
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6 hours ago
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Bridge Pro
about me

Bridge professional and Australian open-level international.

Nothing is better than winning in the big game with friends.


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
winning NZ Pairs by one matchpoint (2012)...
Bridge Accomplishments
Mitchell BAM 2019, (3rd) Reisinger 2019, Gold Coast Open Teams 2019/2017/2012, Australian Open Trials 2015, (9th) World Pairs 2014
Regular Bridge Partners
Andy Hung, James Coutts, Tony Nunn
Favorite Tournaments
Fall Nationals
Favorite Conventions
mini 1NT, woodie, the flan
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Liam Milne's lead problem: T3 2 AT82 KT9862
No winning lead at the table (unlike most of my problems where the wrong decision costs points). This time dummy had a club void and a spade suit - if you cash the A you hold it to 12 tricks, any other lead is 13.
Liam Milne's bidding problem: JT9743 QJ86 9 63
That's not the actual hand for those of you who it wasn't clear to
South 100%. I can't imagine passing throughout with that hand. 4 might be scary but passing is terrifying to me.
David Thompson's bidding problem: A3 T64 AKQJ KT76
Pass, especially against aggressive opponents
Reverse Finesse
Hi Phil. You make a good point. For Matthew and his partner, their redouble would indeed have been business, so 2 invitational was accordingly unlikely. Technically the explanation was a correct description of their methods but in practice 2 was likely based on clubs, so advancer might have ...
Reverse Finesse
Thanks guys, always happy to see more depth to hands I write up
Nordic Understatement
Beautiful hand, thanks for sharing
If you put your three-card limit raises somewhere other than 1NT, then you can play 'transfer back to opener's major' as either very weak attempting to sign off, or a hand with doubleton M that is otherwise suitable for playing in the major (transfer then 3NT). The main upside ...
can you field a psyche based on opponents mannerisms/ questions?
Ralph: "entirely the point"? Entirely the point of what? What are you getting at here?
can you field a psyche based on opponents mannerisms/ questions?
This is surely a last-minute entry for 'post of the year'!

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