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Lin Li
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Aug. 24, 2018
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May 3
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Lin Li's bidding problem: T85 AK8 AT8752 9
Is 3H forcing here? (GF)
Lin Li's bidding problem: JT5 AQ5 QJ87 A85
With Q106A106K8653A4, what would you bid after RHO opens with 1? I heard that we should double.
How to get to 4S?
David, When you correct to 3D, is it possible that you are showing a strong hand with a single Diamond suit?
How to get to 4S?
Hi David, For a passed hand, that double may work for South. But what if it’s a unpassed hand? In that case, correct to D may suggest a good one suite hand?
How to get to 4S?
Hi David, in that case, wouldn’t you have bid 3S right after 1S?
How to get to 4S?
Hi David, I think that’s only when 3N is a possibility. Since North passed after 2H, I guess that using 2S as natural makes more sense?
How to get to 4S?
I can count 10 tricks by crossruff, am I correct?
How to get to 4S?
Thanks!David! Can I assume the 2S is natural even if South was not a passed hand?
How to get to 4S?
Hi Art, I guess South May double and North would bid 4S.
How to get to 4S?
Yes. West should have opened 4H. The interesting part is, 1H opening could prevent N/S from getting 4S, but 4H opening couldn’t.
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