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Linda Trent
Linda Trent
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Sept. 3, 2015
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Dec. 18, 2019
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Bridge Player
United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Being appointed to the National Goodwill Committee. Having a defence against Versace written up in the Verona world championship book.
Bridge Accomplishments
10 years editing National Appeals Books with Rich Colker, Serving on Competition and Convention Committee as BOG oversight member, Fluent in Bridge Laws, Ability to conduct Discplinary Committees,
Regular Bridge Partners
Brian Trent, Tom Dressing, Yas Takeda
Favorite Tournaments
NABC+ events and World Championships
Favorite Conventions
Forcing Stayman, Hyper agressive weak 2's
BBO Username
never have and never will play on line
ACBL Ranking
Ruby Life Master
Brian Trent
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Copy of Brian Trent - w/Tom Edits
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Linda + Yas
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Congrats Howie and company! Nice win - I remember way back when (the 80’s) HW couldn’t seem to get an NABC win :-) Loads of second place finishes. Looks like he is making up for the past quite nicely!
There are 125 active BOG members plus another 30 or so that are permanent BOG members (past Presidents,past BOG chairs,etc. When I first got the list it had a bunch of dead people. There are many BOG members that are not BW members. The BW requirement is there ...
I had a couple topics I am interested in. I have unbidden my comment to Jeff. Just got the OK to drive on Friday and I am feeling much better.
Motion to Authorize Hybrid Sectionals
ACBLscore can’t score Swiss Pairs according to Jim L. I made a motion that any new scoring program should have European style Swiss Pairs. My motion passed but no answer yet.I have also raised this issue in C&C meetings.
Motion to Authorize Hybrid Sectionals
We had our Sectional at a church. We played Th, Fri, Sat and our attendance was up from when we had the teams on Sunday. We are a tiny unit of about 300 people.
Goodwill Calendar - missing holiday
Yes, my bad. I just read the calendar wrong. Canadian Thanksgiving cannot possibly be on the 7th. I am Canadian and I know it is the second Monday. Sigh. I whiffed :-( Still recovering from surgery 2 weeks ago. The Anesthesia is still messing with my brain - all is well otherwise.
Goodwill Calendar - missing holiday
Gravy and ketchup on my fries. Sometimes just a bunch of vinegar. No cheese curds. Many have the same type of T meals. I always did - turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry, yada yada Perhaps the fact that my parents emigrated from USA to Canada influenced what we ate but I ...
Goodwill Calendar - missing holiday
By coincidence it cannot ever be on the 7th :-)
Goodwill Calendar - missing holiday
They made the 12th Indigent People Day in California - don’t know if it was nationwide should that be on our calendar? Millions of them in Cali -
2019 Election Results
I will update the BOG Forum access list on 1/1. If you believe you should have access and don’t please email me at You must be a member of Bridgewinners. That is my background check. You can participate in the BOG Forum - you can ignore ...

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