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Linda Trent
Linda Trent
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Basic Information

Member Since
Sept. 3, 2015
Last Seen
March 16
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Bridge Player
United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Being appointed to the National Goodwill Committee. Having a defence against Versace written up in the Verona world championship book.
Bridge Accomplishments
10 years editing National Appeals Books with Rich Colker, Serving on Competition and Convention Committee as BOG oversight member, Fluent in Bridge Laws, Ability to conduct Discplinary Committees,
Regular Bridge Partners
Brian Trent, Tom Dressing, Yas Takeda
Favorite Tournaments
NABC+ events and World Championships
Favorite Conventions
Forcing Stayman, Hyper agressive weak 2's
BBO Username
never have and never will play on line
ACBL Ranking
Ruby Life Master
Brian Trent
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Copy of Brian Trent - w/Tom Edits
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Linda + Yas
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Answering Sabine's Question
I am against calculators until at least Jr High. Kids don’t learn a “feel” for numbers. They can be off 3 decimal places and have no clue. Some of the younger cashiers have problems making change - I bought a $20 item and gave the cashier a $50 - I asked ...
New ACBL Convention Charts But Old Alert Chart
There are 2 sub-committees. The Convention Card is being redesigned and the Alert Procedure is `being updated.
@Zia You gave me your badge in Philly and I have gathered about 5 pages of signatures from Regionals and club players. When the desk clerk at my hotel asked what the badge was and I explained he signed the petition and said NO TO . . .
Alertable or not?
There is pretty much no penalty for “over-Alerting” especially here. I Alert our direct cue bids as we play over under and I feel filthy if it goes 1C - 2C and I know my partner does not have hearts. In the fwiw department, I was taught a long time ago ...
Top Bridge Pros' Tax Woes Continue
There are others. I know one who only accepts checks and reports all income and does everything in good order.
Am I Incorrect - OR .....
Within the last few years I was playing in a NABC+ event. 2nd second session. We had a Director call 2nd round (failure to Alert by both sides) (The auction had gone 1C by LHO Dbl by pard (not alerted - shows 15+ any dist) RHO bid 2H and I had ...
Traveler View - negative good will for the club?
Swiss Pairs is always barometer. I wish ACBL would try a one day Swiss Pairs at an NABC, but ACBLscore does not have scoring for European Style Swiss Pairs.
Traveler View - negative good will for the club?
I feel bad at the club (just the % is shown) for the players who think they have high scores the first 4 rounds or so and then can’t figure out at the end of the day why their game is in the 40’s%.
Part of the problem is with so many bridge players at the host hotel, most of us have elite status. I think OnPeak should have our numbers to send to he hotel so those with highest level get proper customer service. We never get a king bed when we come ...
Long Ago and Far Away
I made a motion in a BOG meeting that we should have a “Director Memo” like the player memo system for lots of reasons many of them positive. I think 3 people at the meeting supported my motion. I made the motion within the last year.

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