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Linus Olsson
Linus Olsson
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Nov. 25, 2014
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May 29
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about me

Hideous Hog fan.


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Faulty BBO
BBO is working fine for me but I dont understand why they are limiting free tournaments to max 40 pairs. And ACBL speedballs to max 300. Now its very hard to find tournaments.
Using Zoom to add the social back into BBO
You can use the free version of Zoom. But it has a 40 min time limit, then you will have to create a new meeting.
And now for something completely different..Not!
Greedy B*st*rd in the Poker World
Both serious bridge and poker tournaments needs to ban cellphones from the playing hall. I heard he had the cellphone in his lap and watched the live commentary of the hands while he was playing. In bridge i am sure its possible to cheat with a cellphone by watching bbo ...
The ACBL and the 15 second rule
15 seconds to the Bermuda Bowl
Can anyone post a link to the board and describe here what happened.
The playing longevity of bridge experts v chess experts
It has to do with that the top players in chess spend many hours each day memorizing opening theory and it is pure memorization so it is not very fun. But they do it because they want to win money in chess. Then when they reach 50 years most top ...
Anders Wirgren has passed away
Sad he wrote great articles in the swedish bridge magazine called step by step for intermediate players. He has published them on his homepage. They are in swedish but because how good google translate is you can just copy them into google translate and read them. Here are them swedish ...
The Club's Coffee-Housing
Dont start calling the td for this. There are people that call the td every time the queen is offside claiming the opponents hesitated. If you start to do that people will start to think that you are a douchebag.
Another Game Won by Alpha
I think Bridgewinners should contact Deepmind and ask if they want to work on bridge next. That would give bridge nice publicity. Maybe some of the better players here could play against Derpmind then.

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