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Liz Sylvester
Liz Sylvester
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March 25, 2018
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11 hours ago
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Bridge Player

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NSWBA in Sydney, North Shore Bridge Club in Sydney
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Mollymook Bridge Congress
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I love the freedom of Natural Bidding and like to keep Conventions to a minimum
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Board 10, August 20th, USA1 vs Norway
I think North should pass at 3 - I didn't and lived to regret it.
Bd 25 August 6th BB 2007 USA1 vs South Africa
In this example the PIps, what seat I am in, vulnerability, level of the opponents, and whether partner is a passed hand, would be key to my decision as to whether to open at the one or two level. For me there is a big difference between PIPS that are ...
Bd 25 August 6th BB 2007 USA1 vs South Africa
I would have opened 1S on the North Hand as I feel it’s too strong for 2S and it also gives me the space to get in with the diamonds if required. With the East Hand, I like a T/O X rather than bidding 2H - I know I ...
Board 12 30 July
I would have been more likely to bid Game if the interference had been 2D rather than 1D. So I would have treated 2H after 2D as forcing for sure.
Board 16 30 July
Sorry, Kate - you are right. Every hand is different and I should have been more specific. I was referring to a hand with at least 3 of the top 4 honours in the 6/7 card minor, no singletons, and spread values in the outside suits but not suitable for ...
Board 5, 30 July, USA1 vs South Africa
Penalty double of Hearts does not make sense to me on the South Hand as I only have 2 definite tricks- however, when diamonds are bid the potential for taking tricks n our partnership increases, hence the penalty double. Of course I have to learn to get the defence right ...
Board 4, 30th July
Like Barbara, I chose to double in the South seat. It worked out reasonably for us. They ran to 3 and now I doubled for penalty. Partner(North) who had passed until now bid 3NT and made 11 tricks .... not as good as a Double of spades - we didn ...
Board 12 30 July
Our auction was straightforward - we didn’t get the 2D interference. It was 1 (1) 1 (P) then 2 by partner - we do this as standard practice with 3 card support containing two honours. With game going values, Responder then has the option of going 2NT ...
Board 16 30 July
We play the sequence of 1 1 3 as a very nice hand with 6 solid clubs. It isn’t forcing but rather suggesting 3NT if Partner has a suitable hand - if not pass to play in 3 or possibly go onto 5C. I accepted 3NT ...
Board 32 - 23 July
With the East hand I would have bid 1 after partners 1 opening- than passed whatever followed.

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