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Lloyd Rawley
Lloyd Rawley
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Feb. 10, 2014
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May 24
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Bridge Player
about me

Washington D.C. area.  Player and inventor of unusual, moderately successful bidding systems.  Member of Unit Board of Directors since 2014.

United States of America

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Bridge Accomplishments
3rd place in Flight B North American Pairs, Reno 2010
Regular Bridge Partners
Mike Richey, Jason Meyer, Ron Zucker, Clyde Kruskal
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Gatlinburg regional (4/20-26/2020) is NOT cancelled
I hope you are right, but the experts are predicting that the epidemic will not be contained that soon.
Gatlinburg regional (4/20-26/2020) is NOT cancelled
I would add "...yet" to the headline.
The Impossible Transfer
In Washington Standard (Steve Robinson, 1996), advancer transfers with one of two radically different hand types: a weak hand that wants to play in opener's suit, or a GF one-suiter with shortness in opener's suit. Because of the first possibility, overcaller must accept the transfer. After that, if ...
Colour Coded Playing Cards
I can well believe it. My late father once picked up a 4-3-2-4 17-count and opened 1NT. After partner bid Stayman, and then 3NT after 2S, he looked more closely at his hand and realized that his diamonds were actually hearts. So he bid 6H, surprising everyone at the table ...
A Bridge Swifty
After one heart - pass, "Four Hearts!" bid Tom fitfully (and supportively). "I forgot we play Rusinow," said Tom misleadingly. "Boards go down a table, East-West pairs move up a table," said Tom directly.
I DO NOT Know What To Say.
"One town's very much like another When your head's down over your pieces, brother." --from the musical CHESS I played chess rather than bridge when I was young, but aside from that difference, I completely agree with Alan's assessment.
Hand evaluation question
At the table, I was East. Partner passed the 4H slam try. My stiff king was opposite his AQTx. Trumps were 2-2, and North spared us a guess by leading one. The jack of partner's 4-card suit dropped tripleton so we made 7. Partner then criticized me for not ...
Nice article about chess cheater
According to the accounts I've read, Bloodgood didn't really "rig" the tournaments. The rating inflation was an inevitable consequence of the flaws in the rating system concentrated by a closed pool of players. Bloodgood also held the record for the most simultaneous games of correspondence chess. When he ...
Danger Hand First
Bottom of page 4: you have South winning the Ace of diamonds, but he already played it on the first trick.
I would put this as a bidding quiz but . . .
If you are "ethical" and bid 3NT, will West be "ethical" and avoid leading a spade, which may be the only lead to set the contract? I agree with Richard that pass is the right call.
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