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Lorenzo Camerini
Lorenzo Camerini
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Sept. 2, 2015
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Jan. 1
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about me

Hello I am Lorenzo Camerini.

I am 36 Years old and when i was young i won 3 times italian youth team championships in 2005/2006/2007, and in 2012 i arrived 2nd in Italian open pairs championships.

I manage a group on facebook called "Idee Dichiarative"which talks about bidding system and conventions.

I often play in BBO with username Kiddd, i play often ACBL Tourmanent and looking for sponsor for play ACBL tournaments and eventually nationals also.

If u are interested contact me



Bridge Information

Bridge Accomplishments
Italian Youth champion 2005/2006/2007, 2ND in 2012 italian open pairs championship
Regular Bridge Partners
Olga Uryupina,Jovana Zoranovic
Favorite Conventions
I Like to study several system for improve my knowledge
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Major Suit Responses To Unbalanced 1!D
We just discuss about it with Norberto and the main reason is that is better if Unbalanced hand doesnt receive the lead
Major Suit Responses To Unbalanced 1!D
Sincerely Ren i dont like your structure. It is better let make play the hand the balanced hand, its better to play from side of responder because if play opener after 1 card defence play see 52 cards... I dont know how u bid with 5-4 after 1 ...
A Funny Situation after 1C-DBL-3C(Pree) By opps
especially when u have xxx or Axx in where u can read SGL/Void in clubs in cards of partner :D
A Funny Situation after 1C-DBL-3C(Pree) By opps
Kit: Ok u have 3 invitational just bidding 3,could be ok,but what do u bid if u have hands like xxx xxx akjxx xx or xx xxx akxxxx xx or any hand that u just want bid 3 after 3 by opps?
A Funny Situation after 1C-DBL-3C(Pree) By opps
Michael,u suggest to invert the situation,with standard methods what do u bid if u have a balanced hand with 10-11 hcp? I think the only bid is DBL.If u bid dbl and then 3M Ok is invitational,but for what i understand in your comment,u dont ...
What do you open w/ a 5-5 !C-!S hand?
Many american players likes open 1 this kind of hands.I Completly disagree. Problems are: Difficult rebid Allow opponents overcall for free by 1 or 1 where if i open 1 often i close the board. If i have bad 5 and very good clubs ...
Atb on a missed slam
On 4♠️ i rebid DBL, better DBL and DBL than 2♥️ and pass...
In fact this is the weakest point of defence, but there also many advantages bidding DBL for show 6M-4m which is a very difficult hand to describe especially with shortness in other major
Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: J43 AKQ92 KJ9 AT
I Dont agree with 2,in my opinion is just normal dbl with 4,in this cases i use cue bids for show strong hands: 2 strong with and 3 Strong with
Atb on a missed slam
Sincerely difficult to understand 2 instead DBL with 17 hcp and solid suit,and very difficult to understand the pass at 2nd round,also difficult to understand why pard didnt bid 4nt that in this case should be either 5+5+ minors or strong raise

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