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Board 26, August 13th
We play 4 level transfers still on over interference and Lebensohl to show an invitational hand. 2S would be to play,
13 August, Board 14
What did North lead? I play journalist leads so couldn’t lead the C9. I lead the C5 and discarded the 9 ASAP to discourage. I think that I probably should have lead a heart because partner is marked with 4 of them on the bidding.
Board 26, August 13th
Yes I knew that LOTT allowed me to bid to the 4 level but I downgraded
Thanks for putting up the match today Kate. Mondays are the best time for our team to play.
Board 20, 6th August
I got the S7 lead and won in dummy with the 8. I then ran the 8H, won the D10 return and played hearts from the top making 12 tricks. However, I was only in 3NT and so hadn't put too much thought into it!
Brd 17 Aug 6 USA1 V South Africa 2007 Bermuda Bowl
As North, I liked partner's pass. I passed West's X and East bid 1NT making 8 tricks. This was a good result for North South.
I'll do 30
Board 4, 30th July
We play the 2C rebid to show either an invitational hand(good 15/16+) or a weak 6 card major. Vs rebidding 2 of opener's major, which shows 5 of the opening major and 4 clubs. Responder bids 2D with 8+ to show that she would accept the invitation ...
Bermuda Bowls 30.7.19 Board 2
Oh dear! I wonder whether South should run to spades after the double?
Bermuda Bowls 30.7.19 Board 2
At our table East opened 1H, South passed and I responded 1NT. North overcalled 2D which was passed out. As West I didn't double in case partner pulled it (although on this auction she said that it was obviously a penalty double) and in case the opponents found a ...

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