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Louis Beauchet
Louis Beauchet
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March 24
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Oct. 10
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Bridge Pro
about me

Professional bridge player based in Portland OR.

Why I love bridge? Because it combines competitive, intellectual and social aspects, like no other game does...

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
The list would be too long.
Bridge Accomplishments
3rd in the 2016 Freeman Mixed BAM, 20th in the 2017 Blue Ribbon Pairs, several Regional wins
Member of Bridge Club(s)
The Ace of Clubs, Lake Oswego OR
Favorite Tournaments
All of them, Seaside Regional being one of my favorites
Favorite Conventions
Please keep it natural and simple.
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ACBL Ranking
Ruby Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Playing your 2 Aces on the same trick?
With all 4 aces falling on the same trick, declarer should ask the defenders "What's your carding?".
Playing your 2 Aces on the same trick?
Thanks Joe!
Playing your 2 Aces on the same trick?
Thanks Finn!
Playing your 2 Aces on the same trick?
Thanks for the piece of advice, Jeff. I'm still new to BW...
A better rating system
After following the Power Ratings actively for several years, there is no doubt it is by far the most accurate rating system for ACBL players that we have. Of course, some players are ranked more accurately than others. If your rating is based on 50 sessions, only club games, with ...
A unique hand
Interesting... I wasn't quite serious about the "weak and preemptive" aspect. Certainly not a sequence you discuss with a random partner, and I'm sure many serious partnerships have never discussed it either.
A unique hand
Fascinating hand. Against a spade contract, LHO shouldn't follow the rule of "don't lead your singleton when you are void in trumps". What LHO doesn't expect is to see partner ruff his singleton...
A unique hand
Do we really want to bring the heart suit in the picture? Our spade suit is solid enough to be a trump suit on its own.
2!H MP play problem
Good line of play. Playing a diamond after the K is also a discovery play (who has the Ace?), which will help you guess spades correctly.
How many options would you consider?
And congratulations on your sportsmanship award, just learned about it!

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