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Louis Beauchet
Louis Beauchet
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March 24, 2019
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5 hours ago
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Bridge Pro
about me

Professional bridge player based in Portland OR.

Why I love bridge? Because it combines competitive, intellectual and social aspects, like no other game does...

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
The list would be too long.
Bridge Accomplishments
3rd in the 2016 Freeman Mixed BAM, 20th in the 2017 Blue Ribbon Pairs, several Regional wins
Regular Bridge Partners
Amazingly enough, still a few
Member of Bridge Club(s)
The Ace of Clubs, Lake Oswego OR
Favorite Tournaments
All of them, Seaside Regional being one of my favorites
Favorite Conventions
Please keep it natural and simple.
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Ruby Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
'Curious hand' said Oscar....
Michael, you gave me another bridge problem to think about before going to bed. That's bad. I'll have to hire a sleep specialist soon...
'Curious hand' said Oscar....
David: If West leads a low diamond and declarer puts up dummy's Queen, shouldn't East cover? It would be wrong to cover if declarer had the singleton Ace, but in that case why would he be playing the Queen? That would be a perfect Grosvenor. After East wins ...
'Curious hand' said Oscar....
A low diamond from Ax would be most successful...
The beauty of a 3-3 fit
Totally agreed. Something is strange though. As much as people are chasing 4-4 fits for the reason you mentioned, we don't see the same enthusiasm for 3-3 fits...
The beauty of a 3-3 fit
This is incredible, thanks for sharing. The moral of the story? Drinking before playing bridge is encouraged.
The beauty of a 3-3 fit
Thanks Chris! And I can say the same thing about your posts.
The beauty of a 3-3 fit
Phil is correct that a trump lead on the go would hold the contract to 8 tricks (thanks GIB). So in theory, the par contract is 2NT making 2. But how many Easts would lead a trump at trick one? My guess is that not many would, although some will ...
Would you open this hand?
BBO brings all kinds of new treatments. In that case it seems like a first seat pass shows an undisclosed singleton. A low-level Splinter, in other words. We can at least appreciate South, who had the decency to self-alert this unusual treatment.
Are tablets the great enablers of live bridge tournaments?
Craig: Although the OP said that the players will all be playing in one room, not from home, I think that playing on tablets will dramatically reduce the social and real aspects of bridge no matter where it's being played. Players will feel isolated on their tablets, in the ...
Are tablets the great enablers of live bridge tournaments?
I'm probably younger than 99.9% of the ACBL members and am truly passionate about this game. But no, I do not think that competitive bridge should be played virtually. Our world is virtual enough already, bridge somewhat resisted to that virtual invasion until the current sanitary crisis. BBO ...

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