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Louis Dekker
Louis Dekker
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Sept. 25, 2015
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about me

Enjoy playing bridge and watching most other sports.

More interested in bidding than in playing, but that's probably because declaring is the worst part of my game Embarassed.


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2nd in Dutch Mixed Teams Championships 2015
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Ruit in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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England women's trials
again as far as i'm aware they have a non-playing sponsor, so that is a relative luxury. But that in itself doesn't really mean that the selecting system couldn't be of the variety that the top 2 or 3 pairs in a selection tournament would form the ...
England women's trials
As far as i'm aware the runner up in the last Bermuda Bowl (The Netherlands) had the team chosen from a panel of pairs. Don't think there was any straigthforward way of "selecting yourself on merit". Not saying this is good or bad, but whatever it was, it ...
Michaels variants
+ Om, which is possibly not Michaels?! Anyway, to my mind that's not covered by option 4, because it is one specific subset of that, so had to choose Other.
Is this the correct ruling?
Interesting Khokan :) Makes from some nice scenarios: Are they allowed to take this extra trick they will be getting into account during their bidding of the next deal? So if they think there are 11 tricks, should they be bidding slam? Oh, and if this was the last hand of ...
Muppet When Responder Holds 5=3 in the Majors
"[i]What if opener has 3 or 4 of the other M?[/i]" Then we don't have a fit, do we? Or am i misunderstanding you?
Muppet When Responder Holds 5=3 in the Majors
i would transfer to my 5-crd M. If partner has 3 or more of my suit, we've found our fit; if partner (opener) has less than 3 in my suit AND a 5-crd in the other M, we bid 3NT. If i then have 3 in partner's M ...
David Stevenson's lead problem: KJ42 875 95432 4
I led K with the idea it [b]might[/b] cash. I'll concede i didn't think we could make 2 tricks in that suit :) However, i've seen (and done it myself) more than once this sort of double bluff slambidding: "they'll never believe a ...
James Huntington's bidding problem: 862 A54 AJT86 AJ
i prefer 1NT over 1, but my 1st choice is DBL
Bad Claim Case from San Francisco
See comment from the TD just a little bit up in this thread: "[i]Just for factual purposes, the other table played 7S-1, so the number of undertricks was relevant to the result (although we didn't know that when we made the ruling).[/i]"
A "strong" 2C ruling in SB's favour
"[i]I opened 2♣ twice at the club today. Both times, my LHO overcalled 2♠[/i]" Was that before or after they looked at their hand :) ?

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