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Louis Dekker
Louis Dekker
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Sept. 25, 2015
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about me

Enjoy playing bridge and watching most other sports.

More interested in bidding than in playing, but that's probably because declaring is the worst part of my game Embarassed.


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2nd in Dutch Mixed Teams Championships 2015
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Ruit in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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Bad Claim Case from San Francisco
See comment from the TD just a little bit up in this thread: "[i]Just for factual purposes, the other table played 7S-1, so the number of undertricks was relevant to the result (although we didn't know that when we made the ruling).[/i]"
A "strong" 2C ruling in SB's favour
"[i]I opened 2♣ twice at the club today. Both times, my LHO overcalled 2♠[/i]" Was that before or after they looked at their hand :) ?
"I accept"
What you are allowed to do is if you think (from mannerisms you recognize or similar) to remind partner which hand is supposed to play. Once partner indicates / asks for / plays a card, then only the opponents can act on that if it is from the wrong hand.
Sabrina Miles's bidding problem: QJT6 AKQJT J A62
2 showing + 's :) Wouldn't ever envisage being this strong for that, but still like to get in now rather than wait. If partner has (big) fit, we can probably make a fairly high contract and might get doubled too :).
bidding question
I would expect a very strong hand; trap Pass over 1, Take-out of . So actually both Penalty and take-out :)
Louis Dekker's bidding problem: A6 A9754 AQT5 75
Interesting, but i don't think my teammate would go quite so far as to claim the Pass was forcing. If he had not been short in , i think he would have passed. If Pass (over 2) were forcing, aren't you setting yourself up for "heavy" 2 ...
Why use Neuberg?
"[i]Max does a good job.[/i]" did a good job, since he passed away recently (and had retired earlier)
Louis Dekker's bidding problem: A6 A9754 AQT5 75
There was a BIT after 2. The TD polled several players who passed with the hand i gave you, but he failed to tell them they were playing TO doubles, which obviously made the poll fairly useless. With the right information Pass is still a LA; well actually it ...
David Stevenson's bidding problem: A2 J7 AKT5 KQ764
Dbl. Over 3 i'll bid 4 implying i have as well. Over 4 i'll Pass (and hope).
ATB, or is bridge just too tough?
Yes, i think W has done really well and has 'earned' NS erring. I would have assigned most of the blame to West if that had been an option.

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