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Louis Glasthal
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Dec. 12, 2010
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Meyer Kotkin's bidding problem: T95 K75 8542 K73
This all assumes that pass would be forcing, which in my preferred agreements it would not. It also assumes that 4NT would be artificial. I'm not sure if that's best either; since partner has invited me to bid 3NT I think that I should be able to bid ...
Louis Glasthal's bidding problem: AJ7532 AJ64 8 J3
With a doubleton?
Louis Glasthal's bidding problem: AJ7532 AJ64 8 J3
Please read Richard's first comment above. It is a possible interpretation of responder's actions that he is interested in a SPADE slam.
Louis Glasthal's bidding problem: AJ7532 AJ64 8 J3
Slam is only out of the question if you interpret the 4 bid as nonforcing; as Richard surmised above, that was the entire point of this poll.
Louis Glasthal's bidding problem: KT KQ QJ97 KT432
Yes, but apparently it backfired rather badly. I was trying to construct a hand that would tell me how those who passed on the earlier problem would handle a hand that, consistent with the prior bidding, had enough major suit concentration that a 4 bid would feel unsatisfactory, but ...
Buddy Hanby's bidding problem: AJ742 A82 A65 A8
Given the methods being played, 2 is NOT a better bid than 3. The reason is that 2 does not allow you to show a GF heart raise with slam interest, since a later 3 bid by the 2 bidder would not be forcing.
Buddy Hanby's bidding problem: AJ742 A82 A65 A8
You seem to be assuming that 2 followed by 3 would be forcing. A pair that plays the actual 3 bid as forcing may not have that agreement (they do need *some* way to invite in hearts after all).
ATB: Who should have doubled ?
"My feelings exactly." Then why didn't we vote the same way? :)
Buddy Hanby's bidding problem: 98 AQ2 K854 QT84
Maybe, but that probably depends on the exact hand that she holds. More to the point though, is how much she needs to reopen when she is short in diamonds, and whether I plan to pass or bid 3NT if she does.
Buddy Hanby's bidding problem: AJT876532 T2 --- K3
Please send my best wishes to Sally for a speedy recovery.
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