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Louis Glasthal
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Dec. 12, 2010
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Which trump do you play?
How about: QJ8xxx Qx KQ KT9? Unlikely I suppose, but assuming that partner has a spade stopper (presumably Kx), what are the winning cases for ducking?
Considing Otpions When Leading Against A Grand Slam.
What losing option did you have in mind? Playing for 4-2 diamonds and 2-2 clubs is clearly inferior to playing for 3-3 diamonds or a squeeze, and in fact a double squeeze materializes on the run of the clubs. Edit: Sorry, there is no double squeeze (as pointed out by ...
Looking for pair for Memphis -- Vanderbilt or 0-10K KO
We have found teammates. Thanks to all who expressed an interest.
Is it my choice?
South knows that North might have this hand. If South wanted North's opinion, there were ways to ask for it (3 of a red suit should be a game try once an 8+ card spade fit is established). 3 is purely competitive.
You Be the Judge. Common Game 2/12/19 board 23
"Known mountain" is where we disagree. Sure, we can see that's what West had in mind, but it might just be asking too much of East to figure this out at the table. Consider that if West "didn't like the spade quality for 3 and didn't ...
You Be the Judge. Common Game 2/12/19 board 23
Since we agree that 3 would have been a much better bid than 2, the question for me becomes what hand is consistent with West's actual auction. Since I can't think of a hand that I would bid that way, I have more sympathy than you ...
Second hand low or high?
Yes it does. My bad.
Second hand low or high?
Second hand low or high?
I don't think a low heart at trick two will conceal your holding from declarer. Partner will cover the Jack with the Queen; will declarer think it likely that you led the unsupported King at trick 1?
10 missing K slam percentage
Something is not adding up here. The trick-taking expectation of the finesse is clearly 12.0 (50% of 13 and 50% of 11). If the calculations above are accurate, the expectation of the combination play is 11.85, so the conclusion is sound (assuming, if MPs, that the entire field ...
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