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Dec. 12, 2010
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What conventions should ACBLers prepare for in Orlando?
What conventions should ACBLers prepare for in Orlando?
My reading of that document suggests that written defenses to Multi ARE allowed. Section 2.3 says that Section 6 applies to Multi as it would to a Brown Sticker convention. This also seems to be the understanding of Jan, Michael, and others.
Richard Fleet's bidding problem: AK87 QT2 8 KQ943
At rubbber, having 60 below can be very valuable.
UI question #1623
I would add that partner's hesitation might have been for any number of reasons, and therefore I don't feel constrained by it at all.
ATB Time
@RF: I take your point, and if East had passed on the first round then I would agree. However, I think that the combination of East's 2 bid and 4 bid promise a combination of heart length and overall values, and allow West to try for slam ...
ATB Time
@Martin: Thank you for your well-reasoned argument. May I take the opportunity to rebut? Let's say West has a hand like AKQJx Kxx AQx Kx. Can we agree that his first two calls are reasonable? Now, when partner rebids 4, don't we want the ability to try ...
ATB Time
When West bid 3NT, he forfeited the right to suggest 4 as a final contract. 3 might or might not have been a better bid than 3NT, but he can't have it both ways.
"Flexible signals"
Do we really need to cater to declarer playing 7-J with J7xx?
Rich Newell's bidding problem: QT53 AK AT KQJ53
This sounds inconsistent to me. If you are willing to bid game over partner's 1NT (which suggests neither a fit nor any more high cards than the 1 response did), then why not force to game now? In effect, you are getting to game opposite a minimum 2 ...
Kevin O'Dea's bidding problem: K732 --- AJT53 QT54
I found the 3 rebid odd also, but then I began to wonder if 3 would be forcing in Acol.
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