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Lucian Parvulescu
Lucian Parvulescu
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Sept. 20, 2012
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May 19, 2016
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Bridge Player

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3 times national youth champion
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Locomotiva Bridge Club
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Lucian Parvulescu's bidding problem: xxx Jx AKx xxxxx
I believe it is a good practice to invite on any 8 points holding (except for 4333 of course) and to bid game on any 9 points hand. 1nt-2nt would be a D transfer so 1nt--2C doesn't promise a 4 card major if invitational. I also enjoy X after ...
Hugh Williams's bidding problem: AQJT 98 AKJ93 32
Here 3S should show the dream 65 holding. So 2S is a max hand (for the 1S bid) with good values aka exactly what I have. It is important for p to know how much his high cards matter. 3D is not descriptive enough.
Polly Siegel's bidding problem: AKT8 JT985 --- KQJ7
There is something that seems to be ignored. 4D is either choose your major or a strong forcing bid. Either way it promises some high cards (9+ usually). Slam seems like a very good try. The only problem is: which slam. Therefore I think that 5nt (bid your best color ...
Alert Procedures when Playing Behind Screens
The alert card has this information written on it. It is required (although players are not doing so) to place the alert card on the bid before your screen opp makes his call. You must write the explanation if required (so that you, your opp and the TD have the ...
Lucian Parvulescu's bidding problem: Axx KTxxx AK Kxx
Thank you all for your answers and ideas! I guess it is better to play double as 3 spade support and a fine hand, while 3S is 4 card support. But without previous discussion direct double should still be penalty oriented, while balancing double is an obvious take-out. On this ...
Niso Eskinaz's bidding problem: AKQ753 AK83 A32 ---
This should be an easy bid: 4C. I want to know how many key-cards my p have with C as trumps. After I find that out I can always bid a number of spades or NT. With x; xxx; Kxx; AKQxxx my p would have made exactly this bid and ...
Lead against 6NT....
The 6nt bidder is likely to have a long suit, maybe diamonds. I would be very upset to create a finesse against my p by leading a minor. A spade lead could give the 12th trick (the declarer should have the ace) so the safest lead is a heart. I ...
Henry Bethe's bidding problem: K7 AJ832 A843 AQ
2S leaves the most room for biding, not 2NT. I want to know if my partner has a balanced holding (something like 3325 with good overall stoppers) or an unbalanced hand with let's say 6 clubs. So the best bid when I want to play something between 6 and ...
Paul Meerschaert's bidding problem: J9xx AQ8xxx --- 9xx
Andrew 3H seems indeed a good choice. I can't agree that partner will pass having 1H because I didn't make the 3H bid after 1nt (I hope I could bid 3H with 6 good hearts or any 7). This should indicate H+C and ask p to bid ...
Aviv Shahaf's bidding problem: AK2 KJ3 AK92 A65
An interesting question is: what is the difference between X followed by 3nt after 3S and 3nt directly. It should be that I have only 3 spade cards and I ask my p to bid 4S with 5+. Because they have 9 hearts my p have only 1; the only ...

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