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Luis Lantarón
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Feb. 27, 2013
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Official Spanish Team Statement
hi Brian, Yes, I think that rule rule should be enforced when correctly apply. We don't refusal to play against other team, we refusal to sit against one pair playing ilegal bidding methods not allowed in the rules in force, at least till they accept stop doing it and ...
Official Spanish Team Statement
hi, Geoff "I was trying to demonstrate that the expected level of play should be very high for the KO stage of a world championship" IMHO, the expected level of folow the rules in force and the CoC should be very high for the KO stage of a world championship.
Official Spanish Team Statement
"A psychic call which is found on the above basis to be a matter of partnership understanding is disallowed and a score adjustment may be awarded, together with a procedural penalty to the offending side if deemed appropriate." The request would have been based on this paragraph of WORLD BRIDGE ...
Boye Brogeland Bridge Personality of the Year 2015
Congratulations, Boye. It is the most deserved award in the history of these awards
Open Chennai Discussion Thread
Karthik, think about this, just in case it's a clue, "Too many cheaters in the teams that finished ahead"
Germany to Withdraw from Bermuda Bowl
Diego, I agree with you that the "death penalty" is too much punishment, let's leave it to "life imprisonment"
Germany to Withdraw from Bermuda Bowl
"What I am absolutely sure of: no matter for how long they are banned and when they may come back, they may never again be allowed to play in the German open (or seniors) team. That demands flawless ethical behaviour and that can never be restored after now." I really ...
Punishment for Cheating
I can not say how long is the correct punishment for cheaters. But if I can say my wishes: the longer the better
It's not time to go back, it's time to go forward. It's time to play in an electronic environment
The Videos Speak
Thanks, Alec. Now has sense the action that we see in the video

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