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San Francisco Bay Area resident. Retired writer/editor.

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What Does This Double Mean?
Steve, I agree. I voted for "general extras" because I think many people think a penalty double should never be pulled. But I think opener is clearly invited to pass on a hand that is suitable for defense.
how do you bid these hands?
We play fit-showing jumps in competition, but we define competition in this context as "my RHO has bid something." When RHO has not bid, there is a much greater chance that overcaller's side "owns" the hand, and we prioritize constructive bidding. It's clearly important, in that context, for ...
Do you adjust?
You may be playing devil's advocate, but you have summarized my position very well. Double is the action that caters to whatever partner might have been thinking about. If he wanted to raise clubs, he'll pull to 5. If he was considering a penalty double, my ace ...
Jeff, how to teach play is a serious challenge. When we were teaching our daughter to play, she once asked me, "How do you decide on a line of play?" I launched into a discussion of how to calculate approximate probabilities of, say, finesses vs. suit breaks, and how to ...
It's clearly not true that no one "can play bridge until someone can...picture all four hands in their head." When I'm given a bidding problem, I do what Mike Bodell described previously: I think shape first, then overall HCP, then slot the individual high cards into the ...
My thoughts, my heart, and my tears are with our French brothers and sisters.
You're right. I confused the spire and the towers. Actually watching the destruction on TV makes me cry. I can only imagine how French people, especially those who live in Paris, feel.
My thoughts, my heart, and my tears are with our French brothers and sisters.
The good news is that they have managed to save most of the structure, though not the towers. Macron is also pledging to rebuild it. It's still very sad to see such damage to such a beautiful piece of history and symbol of Paris.
Your call
If partner and I have no agreement, then we play that our bids are natural. Nothing prevents partner from holding, say, Kxx, xxxx, J109xxx, --. Opposite that hand or a little more, I'll probably make a game and conceivably make a slam in *diamonds*, so I'll raise. Note that ...
1D or 1NT? My marriage is on the line...!
As usual, I wish you hadn't added the extra words after the bidding choice. I'd open 1, at IMPs, but I wouldn't complain if a partner opened 1NT--even if he were my husband. I'd certainly open 1 in first or second seat, and even ...
Showing spades after 1m (1!H)
In our system--a possibly short club showing all balanced hands out of range for 1NT--we play a structure similar to what Adam suggests (the details are different). We've found it's important for responder to be able to show a 6-card spade suit when the auction becomes competitive. So ...

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