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Lynn Johannesen
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Aug. 19, 2010
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San Francisco Bay Area resident. Retired writer/editor.

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David, if you think you'd get rich playing Bobby Levin and Steve Weinstein for a nickel a point, I can only admire your chutzpah.
When to open 1C when playing transfer responses
I forgot to mention it, but we do play transfer rebids after the 1 opening. They have been highly successful overall. A small benefit is that they handle the "Bridge World Nightmare Hand" perfectly. More usefully, they allow us to differentiate raises with 3-card support from raises with 4-card ...
It would also be less clear to pass if the opponents were nonvul. I'd still pass, though, when partner is a passed hand. If he weren't, I might bid, but I'd probably let my low ODR dissuade me.
When to open 1C when playing transfer responses
Admittedly, our experience is in a weak NT context, which increases the benefits of the transfer responses themselves (because we wrong-side fewer major suit contracts when opener holds the strong NT hand). Still, we have found that limiting our opening 1 bids to unbalanced hands (our definition is "hands ...
David Boxley's bidding problem: AQx Axxxx AKxx T
David, we used to play, a long time ago, that the auction 1m-1-3 showed a raise to 3 (or maybe 4) with 3-card support. Obviously, that doesn't work for your example hand. But we gave up even that treatment, for a number of reasons. It ...
Carding Question
Amazing, Phil. You are the only person who has ever expressed a desire to play these three-way signals the way Dale wants to play them. But you articulated the reasoning particularly well.
Carding Question
Although I agree with Cornelia in general--and strongly--we have defined this case as an exception. Since the 2 bidder is assumed to have six cards in his suit, he can actually give an attitude signal OR a suit preference signal. Giving a suit-preference signal tends to suggest negative attitude ...
Double, what's it this time?
David, experience has taught us that opening 1 light in third seat is losing tactics when we play transfer responses. That is doubly true for us because we play weak NT, but I think it's actually a price any pair pays for playing transfer responses.
Forcing or not ?
For us, this auction fits into the rather short list of exceptions to the rule that 4m is always forcing. We vary our structure after reverses for this specific auction--1-1-2--because responder has no room to show weakness below 3. We always play that 2NT shows a ...
2!S or not?
Barry, it depends on the relative solidity of the suits. For example, I'd rebid 2 on AQx Axxxxx Ax xx. I'd rebid 2 on xxx KQJ10xx Ax Qx. Since hands typically play better in the weaker hand's long suit, it can be worthwhile to rebid ...

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