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Lynn Johannesen
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Aug. 19, 2010
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San Francisco Bay Area resident. Retired writer/editor.

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U31 junior event
As someone who is older than Peg and a female, I also object to "girls." I would strongly prefer Oren's suggested nomenclature.
Help Newer Players Reach Slam
We would play 3 over 3 as forcing, but we play lebensohl. Without lebensohl, I don't know *anyone* who plays 3 forcing. It shows a good hand, but advancer is free to pass it with a bad hand. In what universe is 3 stronger than ...
What To Do When Someone Acts on UI?
Alan, I don't think N-S have an obligation to call the director as soon as the 2 bid is made. For all they know, East has a perfectly normal overcall. It is only when dummy puts down a 4x3 weak hand that N-S know that he may have ...
Hasta la vista, visa?
Richard, you are probably right that people subconsciously respond to partner's hitches. But all four players at the table are susceptible to the same tendencies, so doesn't that make it a level playing field? Personally, I wouldn't mind playing on tablets as long as it happened at ...
Hasta la vista, visa?
@Cornelia: Your assumption that I can't win without my table presence is seriously insulting. I attempted to engage with you in a polite manner. It would be nice if you tried to be equally polite. @Gonzalo: It's not true that I can't explain what I'm reacting ...
For Frank Stewart
When we were in Rome, our daughter, who lives in New York City (!) found it terrifying to try to cross the street on foot. I told her I'd decided the only way to get anywhere was to close your eyes, start into the street, and hope that nobody was ...
Hasta la vista, visa?
Cornelia, "reading people" actually involves both analysis and logic. You observe a mannerism. You then analyze what the mannerism is likely to suggest (for example, is the player nervous? unhappy? uncertain?). You then deduce what holding would be likely to result in that state of mind. Players who don't ...
Playing Weak NT. How to bid after 1m=1M with 4 card support.
To expand a little on Michael's answer, I suggest that one of the major advantages of the weak NT is the ability to reach 4-4 fits when responder would be too weak to respond to a strong NT. Giving up that advantage makes weak NT openings a doubtful proposition ...
2/1: Fast Arrival in NT?
We have agreed, in a weak NT context, that a 3NT rebid by opener shows a *solid* or near-solid 6-card major suit and stoppers in both unbid suits. It's not stronger than a 2NT rebid, it's just different. We believe that this hand type is exactly the one ...
Poll on 4-way transfers
We play that the in-between step accepts an invitation, and bidding the suit rejects it. However, we play weak NT, so we would often rather have responder play the hand when he has slam ambitions, since he will typically be stronger. If opener accepts and responder has invitational values, we ...

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