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Lynn Johannesen
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Aug. 19, 2010
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San Francisco Bay Area resident. Retired writer/editor.

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Aida Saldzieva-Lynn Johannesen
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Should we have taken the push?
But this can work the other way. Once an opponent pulled out the Stop card, bid 2, then put the card back after about 2 seconds. I waited my usual 8 seconds or so, then passed. The opponent called the director because I didn't bid immediately after he ...
Ruling on opening 1NT with small singleton (ACBL)
As Ken suggests, the beginners I mentor are constantly trying to open 1NT with small singletons. It seems as if the only thing they absorbed from the 1NT opening lesson was that the bid shows 15-17 HCP. In fact, I've seen a couple of them "sort" their hands by ...
Have You discussed this auction
To Craig Z and Ron: Fit-showing jumps have two primary purposes (and I know a bit about them, since I think my first husband essentially invented them). The first is to make it easier for partner to decide whether or not to bid a game on less than robust HCP ...
Comic NT
Ed Manfield and I played what we called "Comic NT overcalls" for several years, until the ACBL outlawed the convention. As we played, a 1NT overcall showed either a normal 1NT overcall or a WJO. If advancer bid 2, any bid at the 3 level showed the WJO overcall ...
Implicit private understanding?
Edgar Kaplan once wrote something like: "A partnership agreement is just that: an agreement with your partner about what your bids mean. It is not a guarantee to the opponents." If you have no partnership methods to discover whether or not the NT overcaller has a stopper in the opponent ...
Have You discussed this auction
We don't change the defintions of our bids depending on the vulnerability. For example, we play preemptive single-jump overcalls at all vulnerabilities; we don't switch to intermediate when vul, as many pairs do. However--and it's a big however--a vulnerable preemptive jump overcall looks a lot different at ...
MONTREAL "Summer Nationals" in July
My daughter had a problem with Sunday night at the Intercontinental. I didn't have it when I booked at 11 AM sharp EST.
Have You discussed this auction
As Ken supposes, we haven't explicitly discussed this auction. We have general rules for undiscussed auctions, though. "If it could be natural, it IS natural. If it could be nonforcing, it IS nonforcing." That would suggest the first auction. Many pairs have the general agreement that "all strange bids ...
MONTREAL "Summer Nationals" in July
For those of us who live on the West Coast, it makes sense NOT to open reservations at 8 AM EST. When that is the opening time, many nights are typically sold out by the time anyone in California is awake. My daughter had a similar experience to Peg Kaplan ...
Unlike Michael Shuster, I chose 4 as the worst bid because I assumed that in the methods of the partnership, the 4 control bid was acceptable. I think signing off in 4 with that hand is poor. When you hold AKQ9 of trumps, partner has to have ...

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