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Lynn Johannesen
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Aug. 19, 2010
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San Francisco Bay Area resident. Retired writer/editor.

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Redoubling a Balancing Double
If West holds a takeout double for the reds, he would have made it over 1, wouldn't he? Certainly he could have done so. Alternatively, he could balance with 2 on that hand. But it he holds a good hand with good (but not necessarily long) spades ...
Wayne Burrows's bidding problem: K92 AJT73 65 K76
We play 2 as a game force, and I wouldn't bid it here. We do play, however, that 1 followed by 1 shows an unbalanced hand, so 3 is a completely satisfactory rebid in our style. Note that even if opener doesn't need to ...
Redoubling a Balancing Double
Clearly, it's a dangerous bid if it shows a maximum that does not fear a spade lead. It does have another way to win, though. Many pairs are not secure about the meaning of passes of redoubles. If opener is concerned about being able to make 1NT doubled, the ...
What is the meaning of 2!H and 3!H?
These sequences are not all of the same type, so although I agree with Gary that they all essentially show hearts, that's not the end of the story. On some auctions, it is common to play that a jump in a new suit is a splinter in support of ...
Calling All Legal Beagles
Once I was declaring against Edgar and Betty Kaplan. Betty showed out, and Edgar asked, "No clubs, Betty?" She said no. He asked again, and then a third time. Betty continued to deny holding any clubs. After the hand (and the revoke penalty), Edgar looked at Betty and said, "Betty ...
You be the Judge
Isn't it conceivable, from East's POV, that South has *six* clubs? If so, cashing the A before forcing out declarer's last trump could be a disaster. Assuming that isn't a legitimate fear, then I think East failed to make a good play--thinking about partner's potential ...
Jess Cohen's bidding problem: K76 T865 KT KQxx
Also, Gregory, on *this* auction, with advancer being a passed hand, 2NT *only* makes sense as invitational in a major. How could a passed hand want to invite game in NT opposite a white vs red Michaels bid? If overcaller has the super-strong Michaels, he'll bid again over 2M.
Jess Cohen's bidding problem: K76 T865 KT KQxx
Gregory, I never said I'd sell out at the 3 level. The issue, if 3 is invitational, is whether I have the values to bid it. At the 4 level, I'm willing to defend. Responder's hand may be as bereft of immediate entries as mine is ...
Jess Cohen's bidding problem: K76 T865 KT KQxx
When deciding whether to invite over partner's two-suited bid, I don't look at HCP. I look at cover cards in his suits. To me, an invitational jump shows at least two cover cards in partner's suits, plus some other value. If you moved my K to hearts ...
You Know You Are A Bridge Player When....
Actually, Chris, in Sunnyvale, where we used to live, El Camino Real runs almost due East-West....

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