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Lynn Johannesen
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Aug. 19, 2010
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San Francisco Bay Area resident. Retired writer/editor.

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In our partnership, the negative double showed ("guaranteed" is too strong a word) 4 or 5 hearts, and the second double would be a game try in hearts with a fairly balanced hand. An unbalanced hand with game try values would simply bid game and try to make it. If ...
Another Reese-Schapiro Hand
Avon, might I ask why you are so intent on "convicting" these people NOW? They were barred from playing together in international competition at the time, and both of them have been dead for years and can't defend themselves. What's your interest?
Another Reese-Schapiro Hand
No, Mike. All it would require is for Swimer to dislike Reese, resent his insistent attitude that he didn't want to be forced to play with Schapiro, and be jealous because Reese was selected for the team and he was not. A man in that state of mind might ...
Another Reese-Schapiro Hand
Soon after I started playing tournament bridge, in 1968, I read both Truscott's book and Reese's book on the Buenos Aires affair. Even though I read Truscott's book first, I found the evidence about the hands he presented quite unpersuasive. After I read Reese's book, I ...
Explainable, But How?
It's also not true that Dorothy Hayden (as she was then) was asked to sit out the session. According to a very amusing article she wrote for the Bridge World after the event, the directors told her to play the boards as honestly as she could, and they would ...
Fourth suit forcing of passed hand
In general, we play FSF by a passed hand, largely to distinguish invitational raises from "courtesy" raises. This gain applies more typically after auctions that begin 1X-1Y-2m. After the double of 2 on the OP hand, it feels wrong to me to play 2 as anything but natural ...
Why was this easy slam missed?
Our version of step responses has 2 showing an ace and a king, and 2NT showing specifically three kings (to avoid the unlikely case in which a 2NT response would wrong-side a NT contract). I freely admit that our agreements would not show to good advantage on this hand ...
Pass over redouble
There are a lot of variations of this auction, and it's important to have clear rules. Ours can be summarized as: Passes of redoubles of contracts of 2NT or higher are for penalties. Passes of redoubles of lower level contracts are noncommittal UNLESS the auction suggests that the passer ...
Many years ago, when I hadn't been playing long and wasn't very well-versed in the rules, I found myself alone at a table and decided to look at an opponent's hand to see if I could have done better as declarer. As soon as I looked at ...
Double of Their Strong NT Opening
For us, the answer is largely a matter of frequency. We played penalty doubles of 1(strong)NT for years. I remember holding one exactly once. We did get a top on that board, but we lost a lot of flexibility on other hands in return. It didn't seem ...

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