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Maggie Eaton
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Oct. 13, 2015
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June 8
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Keep Bidding Cards on the Table until the Opening Lead Is Made?
Also a great help to newer bridges trying to understand what is going on. If the bids have disappeared, they struggle to understand any explanations!
Geir Helgemo reaches front page of reddit
BBC ran it yesterday
Confused old man
As a teacher of Beginners/early Improvers in the UK, can I say how pleased and reassured my Improvers have been to discover clubs where all abilities/disabilities are welcomed. We partnered [and drove] a good friend to a top club in the county for over a year following his ...
You Know You Have Issues When...
'What do you know about this business?' the King said. 'Nothing,' ... 'Nothing whatever?' persisted the King. .... 'You're nothing but a pack of cards!'
Correct use of the Stop card
I would suggest you use the Stop Card upside-down least, that's how I play it ;)
Going Wild
I've diverted them to Junk. I can look here to find out what is going on.
Teaching online the way I teach live
BBO Teaching area is excellent and allows plenty of flexibility. Occasionally, when we have been unable to hold a class in the usual venue, e.g. snow, I set up a table and help my adult students - often not tech-savvy - reach the table through phone contact. Many have taken a ...
Five Weeks to Beginning Bridge
My adult beginners have nearly all been recommended to me by their friends who play. They know that bidding occurs, and want to include it early. But I certainly feel it is important to tailor the classes to the group, and proceed at a pace that suits. A few do ...
Five Weeks to Beginning Bridge
First week is Minibridge. 2nd week: Opening 1NT with pass or NT raises. 3rd week: Opening 1NT with suit continuations (No Stayman till we recap 1NT at start of Beginners Part II = week 11) 4th week: Opening 1 of a suit with simple raises. 5th week: Opening 1 of a ...
Teaching Beginners
I live in the UK, in a rather sparsely populated county. I teach privately, as attempts through clubs have not been very successful, particularly as no club in the county has its own premises. Word of mouth has been my most effective marketing method (though of course you have to ...

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