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Marc Bonnet
Marc Bonnet
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Sept. 30, 2013
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about me

Scientist (in the applied math department of a Paris area university), married and father of 3.

Experienced France-based player.

System: French standard (5-card majors, strong NT, multi 2!D, 2M weak 2-suiters) with US twists (forcing 1NT replies over 1M openings, Jacoby 2NT, 2/1 almost GF) and many specialized treatments.


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Bridge Accomplishments
One national teams title (Division Nationale 4 open teams, 2016); one third placing in national pairs championship (Division Nationale 3 open pairs, 2016) ; several regional wins.
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Antony, France
Favorite Tournaments
I only play in FFB-organized competition (except for BBO practice sessions)
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Down Under Coup
Interesting endgame situation! This A play does not seem to me to be a dentist-like coup, as it does not act by removing a convenient exit card. Its effect is simply to cash one more trick (thereby ensuring that declarer has enough tricks overall in the two exit scenarios available ...
Is this forcing?
This is (inferentially) forcing in French standard style as a min 6-4 opener would have rebid 2 over 1.
General rule: Exclusion RKC or a Splinter??
I voted for both=exclusion. Regarding the second auction, I consider it unsound in general to splinter absent 4-card support (or at least absent a guaranteed 9+-card fit), which here leaves only EKCB since e.g. Kickback is not in force. Here the fit may be only 5-3, with ...
He is Gambling
Yes, true, I overlooked that.
He is Gambling
Seems like declarer could have crossed to hand with Q at trick 5 (leaving AK in dummy) to play a towards dummy (presumably ducked) and a second , ensuring down 1 as the cards lay (the communications being there for later ruffing out s and cashing them). Indications from ...
1!s or 2!c, Another Scenario
The 5-card suit in addition to good intermediates overall make me upgrade. I would not upgrade that hand were a small changed into a small non-.
1!s or 2!c, Another Scenario
Couldn't agree more. I would not consider anything but 2 on this North hand. As an aside (not relevant to the main issue), this South hand is a clear 15-17 1NT opener in my view.
What Does This Double Mean Part3: Transferable Values to the Sky
the hand shown is responder's.
Which set of opening bids?
I play Multi 2, and happen to like it. I am aware of (and accept) the arguments against it (e.g. the availability of weakish T/O doubles and 2 overcalls, and the reduced frequency of preemptive raises). However, in my experience Multi has other ways to gain ...
Your Option?
I view X as the only possible bid with this hand, so did not rank the other bids. In particular, with Axx and a lead going through partner's holding (if any), I find 3NT a truly horrendous choice.
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