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Marc Dromois
Marc Dromois
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March 13, 2012
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Feb. 24
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Bridge Player
about me

Live in the middle of nowhere in the South of France far from any decent bridge club

That makes Bridgewinners and BBO even more valuable and enjoyable !



Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
watching my partner overbid to a hopeless game and wait for the unknown opponent to make a beginner's mistake in albuquerque 97. Did not work ;the guy was Bobby Wolf
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aix en provence
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Marc Droulez's bidding problem: 52 K84 75 KQT742
No special agreement. Responsive, good hand most likely without 4h
How do you rule this claim ?
The claim was a safety play of sort ...
Who won the French team championship?
this ruling is an encouragement to be unhelpful to opponents ans answwer no partnership agreement when there is any uncertainty about a bid.
Would you Dbl, overcall 1Nt, or do something else?
Easy : pass . good news partner is playing it. You gambled you lost . next board. Good partners do notre vie 2
Blame or No Blame
Well responding with the north hand is another type of gamble ; if I were to try this my partner would bid 2NT ou 1 (assuming I am not playing walsh). I'd rather take my chances in 1 : Not always obvious for oppontents to pass the hand out ...
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: 93 J982 AKJ4 T42
re: Cliff's comment . May be 1 was not an option (playing walsh for instance)
Steve Weinstein's bidding problem: A987 9543 865 Q6
3 has a lot going for it : partner will play the skinny 4 contract and it keeps diamonds or even 3NT in the picture . Am ok with the first round pass but now my hand has become huge on the bidding. BTW think/assume 4 by partner ...
Henry Bethe's bidding problem: K5 AJ52 AQ T8654
I would not rebid 1 over 1 playing walsh since partner would never cue bid a club singleton after that start . This is clearly a 1NT rebid (it looks like a 1NT opening but K&R rates the hand at 14). Not sure how to recover after the ...
Henry Bethe's bidding problem: K76 42 9876 AQ75
We do not play ELC in my partnership, still i think 2 should be corrective (4S5H too weak to bid twice and planning to pass 2). Nice problem though : at the table , i would be reluctant to pass since I think Gary's view is probably the default ...
Henry Bethe's bidding problem: AT732 8 KJ7 Q543
this is a guessing game FWIW i would assume 2 is a jump fit . As for 3NT either 18-19 with 4S (4225) or running minor . Go figure . I would try 4 as a hedge
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