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Margaret Devere
Margaret Devere
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June 28, 2010
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about me

Hoping to improve my game by osmosis and sporadic uncoordinated efforts. So far, it's a slow process.

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Gold Life Master
Paula Warren
2 over 1
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2 over 1
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Devere - Judy
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Andrea and Margaret
2 over 1
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Can a declarer ask what the contract is?
If we wanted to quibble, we could ask whether declarer's turn to play applied to playing from the dummy as well as from hand :) I personally enjoy a good quibble.
In The Well: Chip Martel
Hey Chip -- I'm very happy to see Bujold on your list. I love her fantasy also (Curse of Chalion -- great book). And Connie Willis is always unexpected and often funny (Bellwether, They All Fall Down). And Doomsday -- another great book. How about your favorite mystery authors and titles?
Curious accusation in Philadelphia
Years ago, an opponent called the director to complain that I, while waiting for my turn to bid, had rested my hands (and hand) on the table, thereby indicating that I wanted partner to pass. I was a full-time computer person and part-time musician, and my hands and arms got ...
Margaret Devere's bidding problem: --- AQ84 AKQ6 AQT98
So you open 1 and CHO bids 1. What then?
BW 2/1: Splinters
That's an interesting distinction, and one that I don't understand. Are you referring to minimum HCP but with some redeeming feature, such as suit purity or solid honors or extra length in suits? Please elaborate.
Eight Is Enough -- Seeking suggestions for rank definitions etc.
Hi Dave -- You've been playing in a different pool:) Eight Is Enough is a team game designed to mix it up. Every player is assigned a rank based on masterpoints, and the team total has to be 8 or less. So, for example, 0-50=0, 50-NLM=1, LM-1500=2 ...
Eight Is Enough -- Seeking suggestions for rank definitions etc.
My understanding of pair/teams: People sign up as pairs. They are ranked as A, B, and C. Each A pair is matched with a C pair. Each B pair is matched with another B pair. Then you play BAM, with each team split between NS and EW. At the ...
Eight Is Enough -- Seeking suggestions for rank definitions etc.
Mike: Thanks for your detailed comments. I have pair-teams on my list for later this year, but I thought that 8=E would be easier for people to understand. I expect to spend a lot of time lobbying advanced players. Also, this is a weak session that we're seeking ...
Essay: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the BBO Bots
Same here for now, but there is a vocal group asking for bracketed teams all the way.
Play Records, Another Argument for E-Bridge (not necessarily online bridge)
Add Claim, Concede, Accept, and Don't Accept buttons. As the card play will be captured up to that point, there shouldn't be a problem.

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