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Margaret Devere
Margaret Devere
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June 28, 2010
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about me

Hoping to improve my game by osmosis and sporadic uncoordinated efforts. So far, it's a slow process.

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Gold Life Master
Paula Warren
2 over 1
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2 over 1
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Devere - Judy
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Andrea and Margaret
2 over 1
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The value of videos
This is tangential, but during a game at a recent regional, three trophies intended for newer players disappeared from the table where they were set out. There weren't any cameras at the bridge tables, but there were hotel security cameras, and those were consulted, I believe. Sad.
The value of videos
So the videos may help establish the facts, assuming we have the details correct, but they still don't help with interpreting the facts.
Brain Performance Drugs
At my very first NABC, I took gotu kola. Not sure if it enhanced my performance directly but it improved my energy and outlook. I've been meaning to try it again but haven't gotten around to it.
Another Dream About The NABC
I've had bridge dreams, and they all involved synesthesia. The cards are different colors, and have associated sounds, and all of that. I enjoy them -- they're like a combination of swirly abstract art and New Age music:) And somehow there are deep mathematical relationships between the cards that ...
Bridge Player Archetypes
I was a technical writer for a hi-tech company, and we went through this exercise about five years ago. The goal was to make our manuals more usable. We started by identifying the users of our manuals, and we had several types: pipefitters, electricians, instrument techs, operators, and a variety ...
Michigan Youth Bridge Inc Camp 2019 - Mission (edited)
You would post there if your intended audience is youth players. If your intended audience is the regular BW group, you'd post here.
Michigan Youth Bridge Inc Camp 2019 - Mission (edited)
This is great! Anything that the BW community can do to support? (I.e., can I be a camp counselor?)
Bidding minor suit hands after partner opens 2NT
I have a typo in the above. What I meant to say was: 4C or 4D is Minorwood.
Bidding minor suit hands after partner opens 2NT
If you're up for another set of methods: After 2NT (either opening or after 2C-2D-2NT): 3S is a relay to 3NT. All strong hands go through this relay. Then: Responder can pass, to play 3NT. 4C or 4C is Minorwood. 4H/S shows shortness with length in both minors ...
Margaret Devere's bidding problem: 9 Kxxx QJTxx AKJ
If anybody feels like suggesting an auction to get to either 6 or 6, I'd appreciate it. Again, N holds ♠A9 ♥Axxx ♦AKxx ♣Qxx. We play Minorwood and have the agreement that in a strong auction, if you remove 3NT to 4 of a minor, that's ...

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