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Marion Gebhardt
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Oct. 12, 2015
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Numerous Regional and Sectional wins
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2C Response with 2/ 1 Hand (maybe GF)
I never questioned the legality of the bid. When people are being taught a system where 2C is a game force bid (with less than 4 Clubs) and they can have a strong 5-card and they aren't told this is alertable something is wrong.
2C Response with 2/ 1 Hand (maybe GF)
What kind of mistake? They said this is their system and they forgot to alert. My first question was what system?
Director Ruling
See Kit Woolsey's comment below.
Appeals and Pollees questions
I don't know. I do know that in one instance I was involved in the director verbally polled the "experts".
Appeals and Pollees questions
I believe the practice of polling "experts" is seriously flawed. The "experts" often know what conclusion the director is seeking. "When the director approaches is the question in writing or does he rely on verbally relating the information?" Does the director relay all the facts? There used to be a ...
Director Ruling
David gives a good explanation of what is misinformation and what is a misbid. The problem arises as to when does misinformation and/or a misbid constitute UI. Does a mistaken alert in the bidding sequence 2H-2S-P-2NT-(Mistaken Alert by 2S bidder)P-3C-P-3NT-P-P-P constitute UI? If it does in that ...
Director Ruling
I thought this was MI at the time and is why I called the director. I was quickly told this was a misbid and tough luck.
Director Ruling
No but at least four in a major, otherwise we have another "kettle of fish".
Director Ruling
"Why assume you would be getting to a 5-2 heart fit opposite a 3rd seat opener?" I don't understand the comment. The 2D bid showed 4-card heart support.
Director Ruling
Peg, I agree with Phil that a player memo should be used for more important matters. In regards to my post : "You Suspect a Psyche by Marion Gebhardt Nov. 4", I have had this conversation with several ACBL officials including Robb Gordon. You can see from the reply that the ...
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