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Marion Gebhardt
Marion Gebhardt
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Oct. 12, 2015
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Feb. 16
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Numerous Regional and Sectional wins
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Milt Nehr, David Pearlman
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Sub-Range Weak Two Bid
Sub-Range Weak Two Bid
In all fairness I don’t think LHO was aware of his partner’s proclivities.
Sub-Range Weak Two Bid
When their card says 5-11!!!
Sub-Range Weak Two Bid
Not being warned that their 2 bids may be very weak. Seems reasonable in a friendly club game.
Sub-Range Weak Two Bid
I didn’t want or expect an adjustment. Just a club game, but someone must protect the unsuspecting novices.
Sub-Range Weak Two Bid
Down two was next to top!! I am not worried about this kind of action as I almost always know when to take action. I worry about that player with limited experience who thinks that all bids are legitimate.
Sub-Range Weak Two Bid
Sorry, the opening bid was 2Hs.
Sub-Range Weak Two Bid
Sorry article didn’t get published. RHO opened 2H’s with JXXX-J10XXXX-XX-J. LHO bid 2NT and passed the 3 response by RHO. After the hand was over, down two, I asked to see RHO’s card. No card. LHO produced a card showing a range of 5-11 ...
How do you play this?
What do you do with 5&4 and 8 or 9 HCPs? I like 2S over 2D as invitational. Partner can pass with a minimum NT opener. With less I simply transfer to 2S.
How do you play this?
What do you do with 4S-6H and 10HCPs when partner opens 1NT? He could have 4 Spades and 2 Hearts.
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