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Marion Gebhardt
Marion Gebhardt
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Oct. 12, 2015
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June 25
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Bridge Accomplishments
Numerous Regional and Sectional wins
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Milt Nehr, David Pearlman
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Platinum Life Master
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What would you do?
David, according to most of the respondents that is not an option. You not only have to put a noose around your neck, you must jump off the chair.
What would you do?
Craig, apparently not according to most of the respondents. I knew I was between a "rock and a hard place" and in retrospect should have bid 2S.
What would you do?
Sorry for the confusion. What I should have said is that about once or twice a session partner forgets something. It can be a bid, a card is a winner, or something else. I deal with it as best I can. Have you ever played with someone that has memory ...
What would you do?
Yes the score was altered and I thought some kind of adjustment was appropriate. It will be interesting to see what happens the next time partner does an obvious "forget" and I tell the opponents that partner may have forgotten what the bid meant. I expect all hell to break ...
What would you do?
I don't remember a "forget" previously in this particular situation.
What would you do?
50% is an exaggeration, but I have been afraid to tell the opponents that partner may have forgotten as it would alert partner. So far no one has said what they do when playing with a partner who sometimes forgets. Maybe they just quit playing with them. I wouldn't ...
What would you do?
So what am I supposed to do? Everytime partner makes a bid that I think maybe a "forget" am I to announce this to the opponents and alert partner. Seems this would open another can of worms. I did not know that after a NT overcall partner's transfer are ...
What would you do?
Inappropriate maybe, but almost everyone says transfer without saying what to. I usually say the suit being transferred to, but I guess I got lazy that day.
What would you do?
Hmm! I guess you never play with somebody that is 85+ and prone to forget. I play with this person because it is my duty as a good citizen of the bridge community. I try to limit this kind of bidding but when she insists I give in to keep ...
Frequent psyches by a particular pair
Yes, over the course of a day long event.
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