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Director call - have I missed something?
Actually i would think it is more misleading in this case to think and then play the jack, doesn’t that look like you had KJ in your hand? Why would you ever play the queen from qt or q empty here? Aqt is possible but rho knew that wasn ...
So you want to be a Vugraph operator
Well done Georgiana and the other operators. Great work, especially if it was the first time. I would like to add that it’s often better to guess which card a player played, than asking. An operator asking several times which card you played can be disturbing, but even worse ...
ATB - aggressive slam bidding
Everybody that says that they wouldn't open a 15-17 NT, all white, with a 5332 15 count just makes me laugh. I cannot imagine anyone opening anything else. How south can bid 6 is a big question to me. Make the queen of hearts the king, and north ...
ATB - aggressive slam bidding
in Sweden there is really nobody that would even consider 4 being Gerber, if undiscussed. (for what its worth, I think it is better to play 4 as a balanced slamtry and 4 as KC. Especially with hearts as trumps. You are so low that the extra ...
Active Un-ethics ??
My experience with the new rule is that , apart from a few top players who seem to know/care about the rule, absolutely nobody pauses anymore after a skip bid.
Opening lead constrained by UI?
It is not just about declarer having a double stopper in diamonds. KQ7xxxx without a side entry is just very unlikely to set up all the diamonds. Declarer has to have a stiff ace, or partner needs 3 diamonds. OTOH it will very likely blow a trick. Diamonds 2-2-2 only ...
Opening lead constrained by UI?
The inference wasn't clear to me at all from the OP. If we know that opener has 4, 5+ and a diamond stopper, how can you lead anything else than a heart?
4333 over 1NT
I know that Han Peters ran several simulations on this before and came to the same conclusion. He also found that 3NT more often than 4M only could be defeated by one specific lead (defenders long suit) and that this is not always easy to find as it might be ...
MAZURKIEWICZ Wins Transnational Teams
France as the host was directly qualified, therefore 6+France
Bermuda Bowl RR3: MONACO vs. CHINA
Did the bidding really go like this on board 3? It is unclear from the Chinese CC but it looks like they play 13-15 NT opening and 1 can be 11-12 NT. (since they play 2 way checkback after a 1NT rebid I guess it shows a balanced hand ...
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