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2C-2D-2S-3NT (opponents silent)
I used to play it as 3crd spade fit and about a king and a queen. No shortness. So not really any slam interest but too much to sign off in game. Bidding 3NT without a fit seems terrible whatever it shows, as partner hasnt been able to bid a ...
MI (?) Ruling
Sorry but I have no words for how idiotic this ruling is. I agree with Mike Bell, John Adams, and others who have explained why.
I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore
What I mean is that partner isn’t aware of a misunderstanding and might be headed to a diamond slam. I don’t mean to discuss all the different possible auctions here and what is the right auction. My only point is that saying that you can never end up ...
I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore
To partner, 2C shows diamonds. He is supporting your diamonds, not the other way around. Once he bid 3D, that fit is established. For slam purposes you might just as well play in diamonds as in spades, right? I never said the ruling should be slam-1, just saying that ‘they ...
I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore
I didn’t read all the reply’s, but say that you continue with a 2H cue is, partner 3D, you 3sp. It might not be clear to partner you have 3 spades and if you have a Blackwood auction he might show the king of diamonds as a KC ...
PASKE Wins Mixed BAM
Congrats! They didn’t only win the bridge, but also the prize for the best dressed team!
Director call - have I missed something?
Actually i would think it is more misleading in this case to think and then play the jack, doesn’t that look like you had KJ in your hand? Why would you ever play the queen from qt or q empty here? Aqt is possible but rho knew that wasn ...
So you want to be a Vugraph operator
Well done Georgiana and the other operators. Great work, especially if it was the first time. I would like to add that it’s often better to guess which card a player played, than asking. An operator asking several times which card you played can be disturbing, but even worse ...
ATB - aggressive slam bidding
Everybody that says that they wouldn't open a 15-17 NT, all white, with a 5332 15 count just makes me laugh. I cannot imagine anyone opening anything else. How south can bid 6 is a big question to me. Make the queen of hearts the king, and north ...
ATB - aggressive slam bidding
in Sweden there is really nobody that would even consider 4 being Gerber, if undiscussed. (for what its worth, I think it is better to play 4 as a balanced slamtry and 4 as KC. Especially with hearts as trumps. You are so low that the extra ...
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