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Mark Benson
Mark Benson
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Feb. 22, 2013
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Feb. 23
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Bridge Player
about me

Professional Cricketer in previous life. Less than 10 years Bridge experience. Keen to improve though i dont possess the brilliant analytical/Mathematical mind of many on this site. 

United Kingdom

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Turned up at a Tampa Sectional (i believe that is what it is called), played against a couple (very friendly), i got the impression the guy knew his way around a Bridge table. It was only when i seated myself at next table that the pair informed that i had just played against Jeff Meckstroth. At the time i had no idea who he was but have certainly followed his exploits since.
Bridge Accomplishments
Won Kent pairs Green point event 2015
Regular Bridge Partners
Peter Law Steve Auchterlonie,
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Deal. Folkestone.UK. Bridgeclublive (Internet)
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Mark Benson's bidding problem: T AQ75 T83 AK986
2d simple raise
Mark Benson's bidding problem: 82 Q9532 AQ9 A73
Failing eyesight, apologies
English Bridge Union: New "Blue Point" bridge holidays for club players
Excellent venture. On another note what are Blue Points? Im confused we have Gold, Green, Black and now Blue Masterpoints! Do members still avidly collect these points now NGS (National Grading System) appears a more accurate gauge of ones ability. It would seem rather pointless attaining Grandmaster status whilst having ...
How does it feel to play against world class opposition?
Hi Gonzalo, Have really enjoyed playing the hands. One disappointment is when i have misclicked i cant find a way to correct my error. Any advice?
John Kranyak's bidding problem: K985 KQJT KJT A9
Is the lesson here to be careful on your Vul 1 level overcalls or is it losing bridge not to get your bid in?
Mark Lombard's bidding problem: K3 K64 A98743 xx
They have found a low level fit, it must be losing Bridge not to protect? Wouldnt dream of bidding 2d Vul. On first viewing i missed the 6th Diamond. I still wouldnt bid 2d.
Mark Benson's bidding problem: 6 AJ876 AJ52 K73
Tx Josh. Noted
Steve Weinstein's bidding problem: J6 A8542 AKT5 K6
3H.I like to show 5CM whenever possible. Dont want to be playing in 3c if Partners shape is 3334 or even 4c if the bidding proceeds 1s,2s,x,3s,4c! Playing ELC i would x with 4h,5d.
Gerben Dirksen's bidding problem: KQT4 J32 J72 A76
I hate to pass in this position but Jxx,Jxx is awful.
Prahalad Rajkumar's bidding problem: K KJ98762 852 K9
Henry, I admire/agree with your disciplined 2nd in hand preempts. Sometimes easier said than done. I presume you would advocate any old junk 3rd in hand but what are your parimeters for your preempts 1st in hand?

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