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July 15, 2012
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Mark Chen's bidding problem: Axxxx AKJTxx --- Kx
Interesting poll, 8 different bids got votes, with 6 being the most popular bid! I held this hand and bid 5 and then Partner bid 5 as expected. After this, I bid 5NT and was hoping Partner would cue bid 6 or bid their major, but ...
Mark Chen's bidding problem: JT4 AQ96 Q8 K764
I made a bad 5 bid and my LHO had Kxx Jxxxx Axxxx -. He didn't take the bait to bid 5 and instead doubled. Partner had xxx x Jx QJTxxxx and we went for -800, which was bad since Opponents can only make 4 or ...
Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: QJ43 KQJ53 3 QT5
4. I'm gambling that Partner does not have 4 key cards and we do not have slam. If so, the Opponents will be on a blind lead and we may get a precious overtrick(s). Another possibility is West may balance expecting Partner to have more HCP and ...
End of the Road to the GNT Final Four
You all represented our district in fine fashion last year! Thanks Mike for the fun, insightful articles.
Leo Lasota's bidding problem: 4 AT9653 AQ KJ62
I had this hand and bid 2H, but my Partner and I play intermediate jump overcalls when vulnerable.
Sven Pride's bidding problem: AKQJ5 6 KQ8 AKJ7
Partner had Txx Jxxxx xx xxx. Those who bid 3S or 3D will probably end up in 4S. Everyone else will end up at whatever they bid after Doubling.
Mark Chen's bidding problem: KQJT AKQJ2 A 654
LOL, Partner had xxxxx x xxxx AQx. I wanted to bid 3D to show a really, really good spade raise but it was shaky ground with my Partner, so I decided to bid 4S and then it went all pass. We missed the good slam, but fortunately for us the ...
Mark Chen's lead problem: 87 AJ95432 KJ9 7
Partner had Kxxx x AQTx KQ65 Dummy had 2 KQTx 987654 Tx Declarer had AQJT98 x AJ986x I led my stiff club, which could have worked if Declarer had something like AKxxxxx x x KQJx. However on this hand, it helped Declarer and the best the Defense can do ...
Play Problem - 3NT at matchpoints
to K, to Q looks like the best line to me also.
Mark Chen's bidding problem: AK5 Q953 J52 AKJ
Like most in the poll, I chose to Double also. On this hand, the 3NT bidders will make Partner's life easy, as Partner's hand was QJxx/JTx/Axxx/xx. After my Double, he had to guess what to do next.

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