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July 13, 2013
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about me

I am a married father of 3, and despite all of the kids living elsewhere and my being semi-retired, I still can't find enough time to play as much bridge as I'd like to.  I started playing tournament bridge in high school but took 25 years off after law school due to family and career demands, and resumed playing a little more than five years ago.

United States of America

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What's the best use of 2NT here?
My thought is that 2NT should be natural, to play, possibly with a hand like xxx, Axx, Kxx, xxxx. Most commentators have been suggesting that 2NT should show both minors. But with that hand, why wouldn’t I double (allowing for a penalty pass) and then pull opener's likely ...
Right to Counsel
Chip, unfortunately the ACBL arbitration clause specifies that the arbitration will be administered by the American Arbitration Association under their Commercial Rules, and I doubt that any of the arbitrators on their commercial panel play bridge, and certainly not at an expert level. There is only a limited ability to ...
Right to Counsel
Don, it is legally possible to waive the right to arbitrate, so if both parties to a slip-and-fall case litigate the issues in court, they are deemed to have waived their arbitration rights. My primary objections to the current ACBL arbitration approach are twofold: (i) The ACBL should be using ...
Right to Counsel
Ray, the answer to your question is "yes." A general arbitration agreement would apply even to tort claims like tripping over stacked boards in a hallway. (For the non-lawyers, a "tort" claim is typically an allegation that the accused negligently (or intentionally) cause bodily harm or calamitous property damage to ...
Right to Counsel
The law is pretty clear that if a company has a binding arbitration clause for shareholder disputes in its bylaws, then any disputes between the company and any of its shareholders must be resolved in arbitration, not in court (unless both parties agree to go to court instead). That situation ...
Right to Counsel
In Response to Steve Moese’s question: The arbitration agreement located at establishes a procedure which is exactly backwards! Arbitration, which is protected by statute against most appeals, should be the first procedure used, where all of the evidence is heard and the ...
Right to Counsel
It seems clear to me that both "sides" in this thread are correct. A player accused of ethical violations should be entitled to assistance at the EOC hearing, and if the best person to provide that assistance happens to be a lawyer, then the lawyer should be permitted to represent ...
The German doctors in civil court
Historically, there have been several lawsuits by accused players. Even now, FS are threatening Boye with legal action. I am not advocating doing nothing by any means. I am advocating setting up a careful and detailed dispute adjudication system that will allow the ACBL or other bridge organizations to pursue ...
The German doctors in civil court
This lawsuit illustrates why it is critical for the ACBL to adopt and follow rules for adjudicating claims of collusive cheating that are unassailable and immune to effective challenge in the court system.
Arbitration Rules for Resolving Cheating Controversies
You raise some interesting issues, Lynn. This isn't the place to get into a detailed legal discussion, but I'd like to address both of your concerns. The reluctance of the court to enforce arbitration agreements in medical situations is very different from its approach in commercial situations. The ...

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