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Mark Raphaelson
Mark Raphaelson
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Sept. 3, 2010
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12 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Orlando resident in the hospitality industry, fan of horse (harness) racing, playing volleyball, softball, basketball, and of course bridge.   Enjoy discussions about bridge rules and rulings.  And I'm a sarcastic pain in the ass.


United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning my wife's first gold points in an open event at her first regional. I had been teaching her and told her she couldn't play knockouts and that she had to "earn" her gold in open events. I also fondly remember playing with her when she became a life master.
Bridge Accomplishments
I haven't throttled any of my partners.
Regular Bridge Partners
Lance Marrou, Elliot Raphaelson, Paul Dennis, John Moschella, and Karen Raphaelson (when she was still able to play)
Member of Bridge Club(s)
I wouldn't want to be in any club that would have me as a member.
Favorite Tournaments
Orlando Regional, since that's about the only one I go to, and I like regionals better than nationals, as you get to play the top players more often.
Favorite Conventions
Game Forcing Stayman (transfer/schmansfer), splinters, penalty doubles of 1NT.
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Bronze Life Master
Mark and Tansu
2 over 1 with semi-forcing NT
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Sub-standard American
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Mark and Karen Raphaelson
Standard American
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Pro bridge - players, clients and fees
Isn't this like asking CBS to get involved if an actor doesn't pay his agent? If there is not a contract in place, it may be because some less ethical people want to avoid paying taxes, so they may have no recourse. Bringing in payments out into the ...
Lose the Trials Semifinal with Me, VI
I was thinking that David, but this hand is a bit of an anomaly. Opener on your right bid Spades, and now that you've bid, negative double on your left will make opener declarer in that suit as well. And you can (relatively) safely lead this suit yourself.
Lose the Trials Semifinal with Me, VI
Board 19 is surprising to me. Is it now expert standard to overcall 2 with shapely 7 counts? Both tables?
Open Las Vegas Discussion Thread
Not there this year, but I'm saddened to see the same pair that I thought should have been classified higher last year due to foreign experience again leading their strat. I really think it hurts the event when true B or C players go all that way and don ...
Make Bridge Fun Again
I think the key might be talking and laughter coming out of the room. Nobody has ever walked by a bridge tournament, looked in to see 40-80 tables of mostly old people sitting silently across from each other, and said, "that looks like fun!"
T- Shirt ideas(bridge)
Of better yet. I don't always play bridge, but when I do...who am I kidding. I always play bridge.
Make Bridge Fun Again
I wasn't talking about clubs either. I've never known anyone who played whist, or heard of a game going on somewhere. I just looked up clubs to see if there were any, since how else could you find a game? 4 old ladies playing in their kitchen aren ...
Make Bridge Fun Again
Whist has survived? Not in the US. The only whist clubs I found stopped playing whist years ago. Delaware is now a restaurant and banquet club in Delaware, and Cleveland is a bridge club. So perhaps it survived in the UK, but I've never heard of anyone playing whist ...
T- Shirt ideas(bridge)
"Bridge players do it with a dummy" "Bridge: Where it's OK to go for it once passed out" And one I've seen before I still like: "Where's the hand you had during the auction?"
Make Bridge Fun Again
Do you maybe get a free slurpee every 7/11 and it's the sugar rush?

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