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Feb. 5, 2012
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about me

Against very good opponents, I claim all remaining tricks as soon as I see a way to take all but one.  On a good day, the opponents will figure out a way for me to take the rest that I wouldn't have found myself, accept the claim, and move on to the next board.  On a really good day, the opponents will figure out a way for me to take the rest that I can't even follow, accept the claim, and compliment me on my improving declarer play.

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Navigating 3NT
Enjoyed the article. I'm guessing the hands but not the bidding were rotated on page 2. For the hand on page 4, my inclination was to strip the diamonds and then play on spades. If East shows up with 4 spades, then play your last spade and pitch a ...
Mark Whitman's bidding problem: 985 AJ2 KJ763 AT
Please cast your vote before reading this comment. This is basically just a sanity check. This was from a club game and East did not alert West's support double. West bid 3 at his fourth turn. I called the director after dummy came down to rule on UI ...
NABC Online Individual - Day 4
Thanks very much for writing up this series. Without realizing how early in the day you played your boards, I also tried to figure out why your scores declined. I could only come up with a couple of very unsatisfactory answers: a) west coasters, who presumably play the boards later ...
Rajeev Jog's bidding problem: KQ3 A4 T9832 Q82
I don't think that the "slow shows" or "direct denies" applies after a double of a weak 2 bid. I thought that applied only after interference over 1NT. The responder to the double of 2 would never jump to 3NT without a stopper. I can't imagine ...
Salvaging Some Matchpoints
Lots of questions here. Did your partner really not raise 2 to 3? That seems like taking advantage of the UI. Is it crystal clear to win the K and finesse in clubs? My inclination was to win the A and play ace and Q of ...
A Moral Victory
I guess it's a matter of partnership agreement, but in the version of New Minor Forcing that I prefer to play, opener's first responsibility after the 1m-1-1NT-2om auction is to bid 2 with 4 hearts and 3 spades. Responder will usually continue with 2NT or 3NT ...
What do you make of this double?
I had a club opponent double my partner's Stayman 2 response with a club void. He intended it as lead directing assuming we would end up in a major suit contract. Partner and I weren't on the same wavelength about the redouble, so I didn't get ...
Board 20 from the 11/01/2016 Common Game
I think 3 is simply 4th suit forcing. When the opponents have bid a suit, typically a jump to 5M asks your partner to bid slam if they have a first or second round control in the opponents' suit. That's not applicable here. If there is one obvious ...
BW Bridge Polls Feedback Request
I'd love to see simple up and down arrows that take you to either the previous or the next poll without having to use the back key. Especially if you've been away a while and have more than a full page of problems, it's annoying to have ...
You may want to add the K to Martel's hand in the original diagram.
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