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Mark Whitman
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Feb. 5, 2012
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about me

Against very good opponents, I claim all remaining tricks as soon as I see a way to take all but one.  On a good day, the opponents will figure out a way for me to take the rest that I wouldn't have found myself, accept the claim, and move on to the next board.  On a really good day, the opponents will figure out a way for me to take the rest that I can't even follow, accept the claim, and compliment me on my improving declarer play.

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Online Issue #1 Last Hand
I only direct a Virtual Club Game, so I'm not sure what may happen elsewhere on BBO. As was mentioned on one of your other threads, when a board isn't completed and a sufficient number of tricks have been played (perhaps 6 or 7; not sure), then BBO ...
The Joy of Playing with Robots
I once bid 4NT after a reverse Drury response by a robot and got an "impossible" answer. I then checked to see what my 4NT bid meant, and found that it was key card Blackwood for clubs and not for our agreed upon major. I thought that's what you ...
18 Board Movements on BBO
We advertise our games as 21 boards so that we give more value than the SYC games. If we have up to 10 tables, we use a 7x3 movement. As soon as we hit 11 tables though, we bounce up to an 11x2 movement for 22 boards. The only problem ...
Mark Whitman's bidding problem: 7652 --- A82 AK9532
East had a 20-count including six hearts (AK9873) and had a break in tempo before passing. (Hearts split 7-6-0-0 around the table.) I had ruled that pass wasn't a logical alternative for west, but I would have owed a big apology to north & south if this poll showed otherwise.
Board 6 from the 02/15/2020 Common Game
I don't see how running the 10 matters. North will always score two trump tricks as long as he doesn't cover with the J.
Board 2 from the 02/15/2020 Common Game
After a lead, the heart shift comes too late. Declarer draws trumps and pitches dummy's two losing hearts on good clubs.
Unethical Conduct Accusation
If declarer was describing his side of this incident, do you think he'd refer to it as the time he got hitched in Vegas?
Doubling Rhythm
I held the north hand and we repeated your auction at our table. I got out with down 1, undoubled, in 3NT for a little above average. Afterwards I thought that I probably should have quietly passed over the 3 preempt holding A 8 4 K 6 ...
Missed Opportunity
"near 100% line" is a big overbid. You won't have a clear direction if east follows to three diamonds, and if east follows to only two, how are you going to feel if east ruffs the fourth diamond? If you've stripped all the trumps, there is no throw-in ...
Mark Whitman's bidding problem: A9876 AKQ9 J QT5
3 would nominally be a help suit game try, but partner would raise hearts with 4 and an acceptance. The problem is that partner won't have much help in hearts, so he might very well not accept a game try even though he holds what you need for ...
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