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Marley Cedrone
Marley Cedrone
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Dec. 2, 2017
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Junior Bridge Player (14) USBFJR U16 USA1 2020 

Bridge is a pretty good game.


United States of America

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JUSBC card for marley + zach
Two Over One Game Forcing
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marley cedrone and zach posternak
Two Over One Game Forcing
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Sally Matthews And Marley Cedrone
Two Over One Game Forcing
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Randy and Marley 2/1
Two Over One Game Forcing
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U16 Card Cedrone-Posternak
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Statistics on trumps splits in BBO
Hi André This is actually really interesting, you may be onto something here. Is it possible that 1000 hands is not a large enough sample size to accurately determine randomness? I am actually very impressed that you went through all the effort to retrieve and record these split rates though :)
Samuel Pahk's bidding problem: KQJT976 --- AQ2 KT8
NAMYATS could be a nice tool on this hand.
Marley Cedrone's bidding problem: QJT975 J52 --- KJ62
my partner is an expert but not a junior. i'm guessing she was put off by the three hearts/saw the hand as having more constructive potential than destructive potential.
Craig Biddle's bidding problem: KT6532 AKJ75 --- AK
I am only bidding 3N because I do not trust the robot declarer skills.
Petition for NABC+ Midnight KO
The average current ACBL member likely plays bridge as a pastime rather than a passion, so they wouldn't be willing to sacrifice their sleep for a game.
Petition for NABC+ Midnight KO
you arent a serious bridge player unless you play in midnight KO's change my mind.
Craig Biddle's bidding problem: KQ JT76532 4 Q83
For the most part, 2 will not stop the opponents from reaching anything, and 3 is a bit too much at this vulnerability. I would rather just pass and hope for either a constructive auction (especially when holding KQ of ), or for the opponents to stumble into ...
Marley Cedrone's bidding problem: T x AQTxx K98xxx
As it turns out 5 is down 4 doubled and 4 is down 2 redoubled when I played it, so we lost 17 imps
Misplay this hand with Me (with apologies to Mark Horton)
I just wrote an entire paragraph on how I'm going to squeeze East only to realize I can't squeeze East.
Marley Cedrone's bidding problem: KQ982 K Q62 J732
I passed like everyone else in the poll, I am just curious if anybody would have done anything else because 2N on this hand is down 2 double dummy.

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