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Marshall Lewis
Marshall Lewis
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Aug. 16, 2011
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Bridge Writer
about me

If at times my comments seem annoying or offensive, at least consider the possibility that I am really just being playful. 


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Favorite Bridge Memory
six of diamonds was good
Bridge Accomplishments
most of my partners still walk the earth. as for the exceptions, I have an ironclad alibi
Regular Bridge Partners
i wouldn't know about those details, shame on BW for inquiring
Favorite Tournaments
Pula International Bridge Festival
Favorite Conventions
Takeout Double, Drury, 2-way checkback, druGFree; MOST DISDAINED: Muiderberg, Bergen, Gambling 3N
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
A defensive problem
This is how things work in these polls: (1) Someone poses a problem, specifying pertinent conditions, which include the methods at your disposal. (2) They ask what you would do and why, IN THAT CONTEXT. (3) IF THEY SO CHOOSE, they can add an invitation such as: "If you have ...
Tomislav šAšEk's bidding problem: --- J AT976 AJ97543
If partner does bid it, it would probably not be guaranteed to be natural. Sometimes he just can't bid 3N and wants you to do it if you can.
A defensive problem
How are your personal methods relevant to the problem faced at the table by the player who was operating with the set of defensive methods clearly spelled out by the OP ?
A defensive problem
I was under the impression that I had already answered that very question in point (1) of my immediately preceding post.
A defensive problem
I couldn't agree more with Barry here even if it were in theory possible to agree more, which is impossible. Or this: (1) It is essential that partner's spade cards reflect count, otherwise it could be impossible to analyze declarer's shape, count declarer's tricks, and/or ...
A defensive problem
Declarer opened 1C, and the lead was passive. So maybe partner's thinking about SP -- which had to be activated and expressed before declarer took what now appears to be the spade finesse -- excludes clubs as a reckoning post. In that case, his heart plays are either an encouragement for ...
A defensive problem
Declarer won't have a doubleton spade. He has three. Partner could have Kx of clubs, but very unlikely to have Kxx.
Tomislav šAšEk's bidding problem: Q8 43 AQ63 98754
maybe two voids?
Tomislav šAšEk's bidding problem: Q8 43 AQ63 98754
Do we lead low or high from a doubleton?
Joshua Donn's bidding problem: Jx xx Jxx AKT9xx
Confused why "3NT from our side" has any bearing on this.

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