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Marshall Lewis
Marshall Lewis
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Aug. 16, 2011
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an hour ago
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Bridge Writer
about me

If at times my comments seem annoying or offensive, at least consider the possibility that I am really just being playful. 


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
six of diamonds was good
Bridge Accomplishments
most of my partners still walk the earth. as for the exceptions, I have an ironclad alibi
Regular Bridge Partners
i wouldn't know about those details, shame on BW for inquiring
Favorite Tournaments
Pula International Bridge Festival
Favorite Conventions
Takeout Double, Drury, 2-way checkback, druGFree; MOST DISDAINED: Muiderberg, Bergen, Gambling 3N
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
The Kibs Are Not Alright
whereas you would perform an appendectomy
To BBO: Please eliminate UI from insta-actions
Ian: See comment by Richard Willey
anything to see here?
Sounds like they wandered in from the DADD room (Drop Acid, Drop Dead)
To BBO: Please eliminate UI from insta-actions
I suppose there is a chance that I may just be excessively cynical but when I read cant/"can't" of that sort I simply can't help translating it into candid English as basically: "I myself perpetrate insta-actions on a regular basis, so honestly how in all good conscience ...
anything to see here?
It would probably do them some good -- especially the part where the staunchest defense of their ethical probity is the assessment of these players as "idiots". .
The Kibs Are Not Alright
Amazing. Kudos in order
Selena Pepić's bidding problem: 54 62 AKJ95432 2
By the way I acknowledge that my proposal above does not incorporate the identical semantic range you associated with your "relay double". Your approach seems to cater specifically to ending up in 4m, at the cost of having no way to get to 3N on such hands. That seems like ...
Selena Pepić's bidding problem: 54 62 AKJ95432 2
CZ: What you call "relay double" was -- in a way -- already built into what I was describing in my opening remarks. I should have made it explicit there, but am trying of late to reduce the length of my posts, to appease vox populi -- with of course the typical result ...
The Kibs Are Not Alright
no idea I mean I have no idea
The Kibs Are Not Alright
Before one can knowledgeably discuss the history of contract bridge, one needs to have read "Fishheads", the lamentably under-disseminated classic by Bill Cole.

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