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Oct. 15, 2016
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Another Minor Suit Gazzillii Problem
Presumably hijacking 1NT somehow. A few ways to do that, obviously.
Another Minor Suit Gazzillii Problem
Isn't that last a problem you have regardless of methods anyway? You just go 2 and hope.....
Any books on Moscito?
Transfer Moscito - 1 = 4+, 1 = 4+, 1 = 4+ unbal, is really easy to put together. The relays are step 1, so you've got loads of space to organise them and they can be arranged to essentially entirely match the strong relays if ...
ATB - lousy slam
Just 1 lesson really - properly sort out what your bidding system means :)
ATB - lousy slam
Doesn't it get quite messy if E does raise to 4? W is then definitely far from an awful hand for slam in diamonds vs a club suit, so probably has to cue 5 and so on. It isn't that easy this one I think. Of ...
Minor Suit Gazzilli Problem
I suspect it works better if 1 is always unbalanced so you can use 1NT instead of 2.
Strong Heart
That might work nicely :) Certainly getting the strong hands with a major off 1 will help it a lot.
Strong Heart
I do think its really worth considering expanding the range on your 1 opening here quite significantly - there's massive space to cope with even an unlimited 1 = 4+ opening bid. I've played with the idea of 1 = 13+ 4+, paired with 1 ...
Strong Heart
I think whether this is the 'right' or 'wrong' way round for 1 or 1 depends on if you're going to keep them tight ranged or expand them.
Gazzilli Question
If you use 2 here to show this, you will make your GF auctions when opener has 4+ very much messier. You're definitely aiming at quite a small target to gain by bidding 2 here as opener. With a weak hand responder has of course already ...
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