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Oct. 9, 2015
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Am I Old Fashioned?
Going to the back of my bookshelf, I found my 1973 "Completely Revised & Update Edition" of Contract Bridge Complete by Ernest W. Rovere. He defines the 2NT rebid as "semi-forcing", and says that after any semi-forcing rebid, responder should pass with a minimum. My wife and I don't play ...
Countering interference over a 2C Opening Bid (Strong Bal 23+ or GF)
We use the structure Karen Walker describes at the end of this article: (search for "Handling Interference").
Where did you learn to play bridge?
Sheinwold's "5 Weeks to Winning Bridge", immediately after college. Inspiration was some same-age, rubber bridge-playing colleagues looking for a 3rd and 4th.
HELP please
The newer Firefox blocks older versions of Flash. I upgraded to Firefox 51.0.1 and also to the latest Flash Player (from -- 24.0.0.x -- and BBO works properly. I do have the Shockwave Flash add-on always activated.
Another bad club ruling?
Hi Jeff. I based my comment on "After the hand, I asked South about the 3♣ call. She said it is just forcing for one round." in the OP. I realize that's not a quote, but I took it as she confirmed that part of the explanation. It sort ...
Another bad club ruling?
If North's explanation had been "artificial, forcing for one round, partner may or may not have clubs", what would you have led? Would North's adding "presumably asking for a club stopper" onto that change anything? Despite the "presumably", they had a FSF 1 round sequence, and passed-hand responder ...
Degrees of Cheating
It's interesting to think about why there's normally no ethical stigma or controversy around bid out of turn or lead out of turn yet there is around BIT or fumbling with cards when playing to a trick. In all cases, UI is broadcast. In one case, however, the ...
B/Z observations
My misses(Kit deal #s): 3 - I see no trigger and no signal. 4 - I see no trigger, but a clear 5 8 - I see no trigger and no signal. IMO, he was pointing while explaining something to declarer. He definitely did not move the card. BTW, see #14 for ...
Can you read the B/Z signals?
I had the same observation. I counted those two as "wrong" in my tally (22).
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