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Martin Fleisher
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Feb. 6, 2011
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about me

I'm an attorney by training but spend most of my professional time managing an investment fund invested in life insurance policies.  I play bridge almost exclusively at the nationals, team trials, and (if lucky) international competitions. Most of my practice comes on


I started playing when I was about 8, and duplicate at 11. However, despite some early success,  I didn't play more than a few days a year between 1981 and 1995 as I was pretty focused on my career and had (and still have fortunately) a wife who does not play bridge. I got more serious about bridge around 2003 and feel very fortunate about my success and the partners and teammates I've had. I still think of myself as "young player" but am eligible for ACBL senior events this year (yikes!).  

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Chip Martel
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Grand Life Master
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Are Meckwell leaving the Nickel team?
Hampson-Greco told me that they will be playing with the Nickell team as of July 2020. This was very disappointing as they are great players and terrific teammates and friends. We are thrilled, however, that Thomas Bessis and Frederick Volcker have agreed to join Chip Martel, Brad Moss, Joe Grue ...
Are Meckwell leaving the Nickel team?
Between now and then we plan to have a good time and win a few events.
A different Eligibility Question - ACBL Discipline
It's strange that the ACBL singles out the NAP and GNT as things in which players not in good standing cannot compete. Why can those players enter, say, the platinum pairs and the Vanderbilt.
Point of No Return
This really is a terrific article max!
Greco Wins 2018 Player of the Year
In 2013, I was POY with 746. This year, 5th with 809.
Greco Wins 2018 Player of the Year
Congratulations to a great player and teammate.
Request from Board re Players who Drop off World Championship Teams
ok, this is my last response to this sort of thing. I frankly no longer care about the substance of the issue. But I totally object to all this griping. the numbering below corresponds to the mike's post. 1. No, we did know about this procedure. I think it ...
Request from Board re Players who Drop off World Championship Teams
why would we have changed them if not in response to requests of the players? So that brad could drop off our team if we win and play in something else (now that you mention it, Joe said he liked playing with Anam . . .)
Request from Board re Players who Drop off World Championship Teams
If Mike wants to argue that doing what we did violates the USBF bi-laws I'm ok with that (but this doesn't I'm sure). But to say that we shouldn't have done it because of some agreement between an old USBF board and ITTC and embodied in ...
Changes to Trials Policy
sylvia-please post here

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