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Martin Laplaca
Martin Laplaca
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Basic Information

Member Since
June 14, 2011
Last Seen
Aug. 5, 2018
Member Type
Bridge Player
United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Team games in college.
Bridge Accomplishments
3/4 in GNC C
Regular Bridge Partners
Antony Lee, Andrew Van Wye
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Favorite Conventions
Raptor 1NT
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Matchpoint Strategy in a Strong Field
1) Enjoy playing against best players in the world. 2) Learn from playing against best players in the world. 3) Day 2 4) Day 3 5) Overall 6) High Finish 7) Stun bridge world with victory, leaving Josh and Rodger eating dust. 8) Wake up.
Rebidding 2M after a 2/1 response
Our approach is to only bid 2/1 in a minor with a good suit. This makes raising responders suit with a minimum much more comfortable, and also helps us by locating a source of tricks for NT, or a trump suit for slam. We bid NT naturally if our ...
How High?
No Andrew, your comment did not have an abrasive tone at all. I also do not really feel bad for the Club suit. :) As you say, I am just trying to learn, and this hand is one that I needed to digest fully. I'm going to run a simulation ...
How High?
Thanks everybody. The point of not bidding the Club suit now is well taken and has clarified my thinking. However, I have some resistance on the 4H opening. Everybody, including my regular partner, is shouting me down, so I must have a blind spot. My mind keeps drifting back to ...
Redouble, now what...
I think pd's most likely shape is 1=4=3=5, in which case we may be able to make 4C or 4H, or even 5C a sunny day. (X-KQJX-AX-KJXXX)
Surviving with Weinstein
What this illustrates best is that trying to play bridge without torture is like trying to play soccer without getting kicked in the shins. Good luck with that. That having been said, I feel like 3NT to play is stubborn. I don’t think I want to play 3NT against ...
Adventures with LC Standard
People don't spend time on learning conventions because they have a certain amount of time to spend on bridge and believe that this is the best way to improve. They spend time on conventions because it is fun. Working on bidding systems can also help to develop bidding judgment ...

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