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Martin Lindfors
Martin Lindfors
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Sept. 24, 2017
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about me

I started bridge in 2017, and mostly play at my local club in Sweden.

Outside of bridge, I'm a graduate student doing machine learning research. 


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Carl Mathiesen's bidding problem: xx 9x 8xxx AQTxx
Doesn't matter for me. 1 is 4-4-3-2 only 3% of the time, and otherwise it's 4+.
Eric Leong's bidding problem: J62 AQ6 J AJT762
For me partner could just have bid 2. The penalty double creates a force to 2NT.
Mike Cassel's bidding problem: AKJ5 --- 32 AKT7643
I agree with both Richard and Wayne. I'll normally pass. But if my opponents are known to have an aggressive style at preempting, I'll invite or shoot out slam. Not sure which.
Craig Biddle's bidding problem: 6 AQT74 T963 JT6
Agreed - and for me, 2NT would be pick-a-minor at this stage. If I wanted to bid Lebensohl, I had to bid it at my first chance.
Eric Leong's bidding problem: QJT9 JT KT9743 4
Partner's double shows extras, some defense and normally denies four spades. Passing it is an option with a lower ODR, but this hand is not it.
Nancy Yu's bidding problem: AKQT97 AQJ KJT9 ---
While we are vulnerable to preemption at unfavorable in third seat, I am happy enough to open 2 since we hold the boss suit. Moving every suit one rank down (shape 0-7-3-4), I open a heart.
Intermediate 2H/2S Openings
In addition to David Burn's comment, I think many use these openings in conjunction with Gazzilli. Then, 1M - 1NT - 2M shows a limited hand with clubs, and 1M - 1NT - 2 shows either a 6-card major or many 16+ hands. The constructive two (8-11 or 10-13) makes the latter ...
David Liu's bidding problem: KQJ6543 Q42 --- JT6
Those hands are totally different. I can hardly see any similarity except for that they have somewhat similar high card point counts and length in spades. This hand has 7-3 in the majors and zero aces. Your linked hand has 6-4 in the majors and two aces. The posted hand ...
What's this double (#206)
Basically, the short suit game try is asking whether you have values in the other two suits. But we don't need them so much when the opps have already told us where the spade honors are. So it should be straightforward to simplify this. If you have a short ...
Common Game #12 7-15-19
Swedish club system: 1 (16+ or weak NT) - 1(8+, 5+); 2(5+, 16+, GF) - 2 (6+); 3 (Support) - 3NT (nonserious); 4NT (RKC) - 5NT (odd KC, a void); 6(confirms all KC, asks for help) - 6 (to play). Natural with ...

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