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Martin Lindfors
Martin Lindfors
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Sept. 24, 2017
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about me

I started bridge in 2017, and mostly play at my local club in Sweden.

Outside of bridge, I'm a graduate student doing machine learning research. 


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Ronald Kalf's bidding problem: KT T98643 72 AJ2
ODR can hardly get lower for a hand with six cards in a suit. All vulnerable this is a clear pass. Should we be non-vulnerable, I think showing the suit would be OK, but I would still tend to pass.
Matthew Brown's bidding problem: Qxx --- KQxx KJT9xx
Close, but not exactly right. Passing this out is a partnership destroyer, straight and simple.
Dick Vatter's bidding problem: KQ84 83 KQ754 A6
Yes. I think the above discussion makes it quite clear. 3 can't be suggesting spades, since we would have bid 2 with 6-5. We're not checking for a notrump stopper in our already bid suit, and we have already suggested notrumps with 2NT. Partner's 3 ...
Daniel Sonner's bidding problem: Q63 86 J942 T876
If you want another chance to bid, change your system and make a club forcing. This is a hand you pass with.
Daniel Sonner's bidding problem: T6 T862 AK543 Q7
Not enough points to redouble. I think a direct preference to 2 should be weak (5-7, fast arrival) and redouble should show 10-11 and preferably not an honor in partner's suit. Thus I pass, planning to bid 2 over 2 and probably passing 2.
Dick Vatter's bidding problem: KQ84 83 KQ754 A6
3 shows the spade king. Italian control bids, up the line, second/first round all the same.
Back to Basics, assumptions about WJOs
I generally follow the rule of 2-3-4. Thus, for a weak jump overcall of 2, we expect 4 playing tricks favorable, 5 tricks equal, and 6 tricks unfavorable. With spades, it's good to follow it quite well. On lower-ranking suits it's good to be a little bit ...
Play Bridge Offline on Android?
I've spent quite a few flights with that app. Works well, even though (as expected) the bots sometimes play poorly.
Three Card Majors
Sam, this is interesting. Perhaps not competitive, but very funny. Interestingly, in Sweden, it is legal and feasible to play "pointer bids" (bids showing length in another suit) but any other artificial meaning of one of a major is not feasible. So the rules are basically the opposite of the ...
Erik Hansson's bidding problem: ATxxx Q AKxxx Ax
Good point, thanks. It's quite strange indeed. Perhaps partner's heart fillers are bad, but I think that making an unfavorable 2 weak jump with KT8xxxx and out seems normal. Actually I would be OK making it on JT8xxxx and out ... at least more OK than making a ...

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