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Martin Lindfors
Martin Lindfors
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Sept. 24, 2017
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about me

I started bridge in 2017, and mostly play at my local club in Sweden.

Outside of bridge, I'm a graduate student doing machine learning research. 


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Filbyter Bridge
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Three card limit+ raise over 1M - (X)
You are right that it is sometimes suitable to compete to the 3-level with a 3-card constructive raise. While the rest of your post has some good points, I disagree with some of your conclusions. If you're raising an 11+ opening with an 8-10, it's rather likely it ...
Gordon Rainsford's bidding problem: Q KQ7 JT632 JT95
This is one of my favorite situations to make an apprehensive 3NT call - a delayed 3NT when I have previously denied game-forcing values. Clearly, partner is allowed to pull to 4m when he does not judge that he has enough tricks for 3NT - since if I really wanted to play ...
Three card limit+ raise over 1M - (X)
Which call do you suggest?
Three card limit+ raise over 1M - (X)
In any case, for the purposes of this poll, it doesn't matter, strictly speaking, where you put the sub-limit raise hands. No matter whether 2 is weak or constructive, 2 would always contain the limit+ hands. So please answer 2 whether or not you agree with ...
Three card limit+ raise over 1M - (X)
This approach is also rather common in Sweden. But I don't see the difference, really - with a constructive 3-card raise, 8-10, you have already bid out your hand with 2, so why should you bid again over further competition? The main disadvantage of the transfer containing a weak ...
Why SAYC is so Bad (and we know it is!)
No. A 2/1 response normally promises a rebid, normally. The partnership can stop below game in the following auctions: 1M - 2x - 2y - 2NT 1M - 2x - 2y - 3x 1M - 2x - 2y - 2/3M (non-jump) 1M - 2x - 2NT At least that is how I understand SAYC.
Overcalling a (natural) 1!c opener when holding a real !c suit of your own
With clubs and values I pass. That's as natural as can be - showing a desire to have the current denomination as trumps. If the opponents find a non-club denomination, I can bid next round. With long clubs and no values, 4 and higher are natural.
How do you define 3!S?
You can't just double with any hand with spades. Double shows values and you must be prepared for partner to bid 3.
Dale Johannesen's bidding problem: 765 AK QJ74 AK97
I do not see how your treatment of strong single suited hands is relevant to how you bid this hand.
Gerber: Is it Even Worth It?
The stars really have to align for Gerber to be useful. First, you have to have a lot of sure tricks. Second, you have to have few aces. Third, and most importantly, the five level has to be unsafe, so that you can't just set trumps and keycard. Even ...

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