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July 21, 2013
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If West knows you have a singleton diamond it's very rarely going to be wrong to lead it in preference to an otherwise neutral-looking lead, regardless of his holding in Diamonds...
Missing alert
@Michael: Why would north think 2 is a limit raise in clubs given that 1 is strong and artificial? I don't think anyone in this world plays it that way!
Honolulu BRP 7NT Lead Discussion
Say, in a parallel universe, partner had broken tempo then Doubled. What restrictions do you all think that piece of UI would/should place upon your lead? The reason I pose this question, is that if I was holding Souths hand (A10xxx) of diamonds, and had heard my partner double ...
Best line in 6!H
If opening leader had a singleton spade, they might have led it, hoping for partner to have either major suit Ace. That must (slightly) improve the odds for the 3-2 spade break too.
ACBLscore"+" - a short history
I'm curious as to why? I love a contentious thread, and I fully expect this one to be!
What are the ethical obligations?
I think an announcement "we play unusual leads", made by the leaders partner, after the opening lead has been placed on the table face down but before it is turned over. Then the opponents are informed and no possible UI/damage can result.
Is 3NT an Alert?
I realise this may be subject to the local rules of the RA, but I would expect that 2C (if it doesn't imply a major) should also have been alerted.
BZ - "People and their strange mannerisms"
@Nicolas,@Richard I understand that human nature drives one to want to decode the entire (alleged) signalling method. However, in order to 'prove' signalling in order to be able to 'convict/eliminate' the culprits, surely it is only necessary to correlate a single signal (eg Ace or Clubs or suit-length ...
GIB, Schmib
Yes please do, it would also be very interesting to give the hand to the current crop of bridge playing software and see the results.
Erroneous call
Out of interest, if declarer had instead said "Ruff with the King", would he be obliged to play one of the Kings...?"
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