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Martin Wuest
Martin Wuest
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Aug. 7, 2010
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a minute ago
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Bridge Player

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Bridge Accomplishments
3 National Championships: 2019 German Cup, 2018 Premier League (Bundesliga), 2009 German Cup. 3rd place German Teams Championship 2018, 2nd place Premier League 2016, 3rd Place Premier 2015, 3rd Place German Teams Championship 2016, 3rd Place Open Pairs Championship 2012
Regular Bridge Partners
Vitaliy Khanukov (BBO-username: vkhan11 ), Peter Freche, BBO- unsername: pfreche, Matthias Felmy (BBO-username: Game over)
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Koeln-Lindenthal, Troisdorf
Favorite Tournaments
Chairman´s Cup (Sweden), German Trophy
Favorite Conventions
Kickback Turbo, Gazzilli, Double Pass Inversion, 2-way-checkback
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Well, when playing reasonable bridge I have a reasonable system and reasonable agreements. Here I was asked to bid assuming I play SAYC as far as I have understood. :)
Christopher Donnelly's bidding problem: 4 AKJ54 KT3 AT92
If X is TO according to system, I will X as it is the most flexible bid. If not I will try 3! D but don’t feel really satisfied with my choice.
Richard Fleet's bidding problem: 85 Q753 Q74 AJ83
I would have Xed last round, so I dont have to solve this problem
Tomasz Twarog's bidding problem: AKJ7 8754 AJ T43
I hate my club holding for balancing and i am vulnerable, too. My holdings in the red suits leave something to be desired.
A curiosity
A curiosity
Easy: You just remember that a jump to 3 in second seat after an opening bid of 1 is never natural. You simply don’t have e weak jump in clubs when you play Ghestem.
I get and accept your point. But I would have openend 1N even if not being able to show a 5 card major, for example playing a BBO robot tournament. :)
A curiosity
For us (1) 2 both majors 2 N hearts and clubs 3 spades and clubs (highest unbid suit and highest unbid minor) With 5116 I dont see any problems in bidding 3. I totally agree not to show a 2-suiter when my higher ranking suit is ...
I said I would have opened 1N playing 2 over 1. :-) At least i would have shown my strength and our 1N structure allows us to check for 5 card majors in opener´s hand. I agree that it is a matter of style whether you open 1N with rather ...
A curiosity
As 5 is a good save against 4 and is cheaper than 2 + x, 2N works fine as far as I have understood. I wouldn’t have passed 2.

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