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An unusual alert situation
Technically, you must call the director. In my experience, what the director will do is have you leave the table so your parner can explain. The director should caustion your partnr that he may not take advantage of the knowledge that you don't know your agreement. That should be ...
What does a hesitation suggest here?
North is 5-5 or 5-6 in the minors and is trying to decide whether to go for the risky but matchpoint-desirable 2NT or the safer minor suit contract.
Online Bridge Ruling: Failure to Alert and Wild Bids
In what practcal way is online different from screens? If there isn't any, as it appears to me, we have a set of rules that should apply.
Drury bidding poll followup
I bid 2 per system and wait to see what partner has to say about her hand. Heading for 4 but may go slamming if partner now bids 3
Jacoby Transfer super-acceptances
My understanding is the above is illegal convention in ACBL. You are allowed to open 1NT with a singleton, but are not allowed to have a convention to identify the fact that you have done so.
Too stringent with the announcements/alerts?
If you have the power to make whatever ruling you want, and nobody can overturn it, it is 'legal', as you make the law. The question is whether your club is actually playing bridge or a new game you invented. The second, and far more relevant, question is whether the ...
Too stringent with the announcements/alerts?
1. Convention cards may or may not exist at all in a club game. You will be hard pressed to find a club director (or even a TD) who will truly enforce a requirement for a CC. 2. Saying this is meaningless. Players in any Open game can enter regardless ...
Meaning of 2NT rebid and high reverse opposite a 2-level negative double?
The x shows two places to play, likely with a good 4 or perhaps 5 spades (willing to play in a 7 card spade fit if he only has four; if he has 5 he doesn't like his spades much or he would have just bid 2) and ...
Honolulu evening food
It is always POSSIBLE. Ultimately, the hotel is looking at its bottom line. If you don't take food, you need to pay more for something else so they make the same profit. However, it is important to realize that the profit is less than the total price for the ...
District 23 District Director Comments on ACBL Transparency
Mark, Happy to see you pushing this. I find it hard to imagine how any Director could oppose this, so I can't understand how it was quashed. If you can elaborate, I am sure people would be interested.

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