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Opening 1Nt with a singleton (again) in superchart.
Benoit (and everyone else), please STOP worrying or complaining about the current ACBL charts. They're being replaced starting with the Fall NABC in Nov. That decision has already been finalized by the BoD. Nothing is going to change before Nov. (no matter how much anyone gripes in the interim ...
continuance after a void response
I think Frances means answerer bids 6S without the trump Q. With it he has a CHOICE between bidding 7S (I have it AND I'm confident we can take 13 tricks) or 6H ("I have the trump Q, but I'm not sure about 7 so I'm giving ...
continuance after a void response
I agree with Phil. 6D asks for the trump Q, 6H says we have all keys + trump Q but I can't count 13 tricks, can you?
Is this system bad or illegal? (EDIT)
Ed, a 1-step bid that shows nothing whatsoever about the bidder's hand and simply asks partner to clarify his hand type is THE definition of a "relay." Nothing could possibly be more of a relay than this 1D response.
Is this system bad or illegal? (EDIT)
Ed, 1C is artificial containing several possible hand types. A 1D response is FORCED, merely asking. Opener's rebids are artificial, distinguishing which hand type he has. That IS a series of relays. There's no requirement that "responder's subsequent bids" must also be relays. Opener's 1C is ...
Is this system bad or illegal? (EDIT)
Marley, for the next 6 months I believe your system is not legal in ACBL events due to the 1D response to a 1C opening. By forcing Responder to always relay with 1D, you're playing a "relay system" where the relays are initiated before Opener's first rebid without ...
Can We Ever Play in Clubs
In a MP club game I wouldn't expect 6C to make more than 50% of the time on hand #1 even when it's bid. The best line is to ruff two hearts with high trumps and then hope trumps break 3-2 (or 4-1 with a stiff 9), which ...
When your tires are flat
Paul, fair use laws don't require you to cite or quote the copyright, they merely require you to attribute the quote to its source rather than passing it off as your own. Patrick did that, he clearly said he was quoting the Laws.
Wrong view on multi 2d by ACBL
Chuck, how many years ago are you talking about? For at least the last 20 years, ALL strong artificial openings have been legal on all charts including the General Chart. The definition of "strong" is 15+ HCP, so all 3 hand types you described should easily qualify. In fact, about ...
Wrong view on multi 2d by ACBL
Gregory, would people explicitly say "I quit ACBL because Multi is allowed"? Probably not that directly. The thought process is more incremental. IMO many club players would say (or think), "I quit because I hate playing against complicated, alertable conventions I don't understand," especially after they got a few ...
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