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Wild Deal in Erie at the D5 NAP Qualifier
"Obviously, on this deal, we were both nuts to bid again after my preempt." Why is West nuts to bid again? At these colors, with NS each introducing a new suit at the 5 level, there's no way THEY're saving. It's highly likely that partner bid 5H ...
A multiple choice imp question
I would double over 3C, but not over 4C. However, after I pass 4C, when partner has enough to reopen at the 4-level, I'm worth a slam try so I cuebid 5C.
Andrei Prodan's bidding problem: 7 AJ752 KQ3 AJ64
My first instinct was to double, but our only realistic shot at game is in 4H. If I X, we'll miss a 5-3 heart fit. Therefore, although it's risky, I'm inclined to overcall 3H. The one thing I'm absolutely not doing is passing. I can live ...
Strategy for MPs deal
Trick 6 is the wrong time to be deciding what we're going to pitch on the 5th club. No one forced us to run clubs right away (after the suit was established). Before running them, we must decide what we'll pitch. If we conclude that running clubs will ...
Strategy for MPs deal
So? With 5-5 shape, ending in 2S or 3C seems better, on average, than ending in 1NT. If you're going to pass 1NT with this hand because you're afraid of ending up in 3C, you can't play Gazilli. Passing with 5-2-2-4 shape is reasonable, but it's ...
3NT or 4 Hearts?
IMO, South should have checked for a 5-3 heart fit. Not only is there a potential issue in spades, but if West holds the diamond Ace or King, in 3NT there may not be a side entry to reach dummy to cash the last two hearts after the suit is ...
Expected shapes?
Responder has a much wider range of shapes. Clearly 2-2-4-5 and 2-1-4-6 are possible, but so are 2-2-3-6 and 2-1-3-7. Depending on your style, even 2-3-3-5 with xxx in hearts may be possible, although I would rebid 2NT with that hand. Can he be 3-1-4-5? IMO, many players would splinter ...
Expected shapes?
Opener has a weak 6-4 hand. With only 5-4, I can't see any reason to rebid 2S instead of 2D, especially with a hand whose diamonds are good enough to raise to 4D.
ATB: Wrong red suit?
I agree with RR. North knows we have at least a 4-4 diamond fit and at most a 5-3 heart fit. We need to ruff clubs at least once, probably twice, in the long heart hand. AND North has weak hearts. Given all that, a diamond contract rates to play ...
How would you rule?
Alan W., that EBU guidance is very interesting. The "tunnel vision" explanation strikes me as likely an accurate description of how many players (sometimes including me) think once we have a firm picture in our heads. Once you're "sure" from the bidding that LHO has 5 hearts or 4 ...
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