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Away from Tannery Row
David, THIS version of your "plan in advance" advice I completely agree with. Players should try to anticipate the most common auction that's likely to occur (where they'd have anything to think about) and should decide what they intend to do in that situation. What I previously disagreed ...
Duck High
Anthony, as Kit pointed out, the 9 isn't complete junk. If East holds 2 honors doubleton (e.g., Q,T), preserving the 9 prevents West from overtaking East's 10 on the second round. That blocks the suit.
Appeals and Pollees questions
Every poll I've been involved with has been verbal. Often the director has a written copy of the hand, but any other info he provides (e.g., about the pairs' bidding systems) is verbal only.
Are these weak 2-bids?
I learned something from this discussion. I wasn't aware that a Weak Two opened on xxxxxx must be alerted, let alone pre-alerted.
Away from Tannery Row
Ed, yes it does. Brad began his post by stating that he has limited stamina / concentration due to age. If you have limited stamina, like most of us, it would be foolish to waste your limited resources figuring out what you'd do if something very unlikely were to occur ...
Away from Tannery Row
Ed, AFTER LHO jumped to 2S, I'm sure we'd both start considering what to do if partner makes a Neg. X. But that's NOT David's example, or mine. If I understood David's post correctly, he claimed that BEFORE making his OPENING BID of 1D, he ...
Away from Tannery Row
David, I applaud what you do to avoid BITs and agree that in a perfect world, everyone would do likewise. However, I have to disagree with your premise that everyone CAN do it in the real world. It takes a LOT of mental energy to plan your response to all ...
Away from Tannery Row
Here's an example: I open 1D with x, xxx, AQJxxx, AKJ. I surely would plan in advance whether I'm going to rebid 2D or 3D over partner's most likely responses, which are 1M or 1NT. But expecting me to plan in advance what I'm going to ...
Puzzle after offensive bidding
At most, we can take 1D + 1C in the minors, and there's a good chance we won't get that many. That means we need at least 2 tricks in the majors to set this, likely 3 tricks. IMO, the best hope is the declarer has 4 hearts that ...
Nutrition/fitness levels of top bridge pros
IMO, being disciplined about health during big tournaments makes a much bigger difference than overall fitness level. If you eat large, heavy meals between sessions, you'll be tired and won't play nearly as well in the evening. If you fail to get enough sleep during a tournament (for ...
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