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Yuan Shen's bidding problem: AJ8 --- 3 AJT875432
IMO the IMP odds strongly favor bidding 7C. Assume the Opps are allowed to play 6C with our cards at the other table. If we defend 6HX we'll almost surely lose at least 14 IMPs (+500 vs. -1,430 in a best case), and we may lose even more ...
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: AJ8 --- 3 AJT875432
I agree with Mike S and Aviv. Partner bid 6C at Unfav. Vul. without me showing any extras. He was bidding to make, not as a save. There's no way he has Gary's weak example hand: xxxx, --, QJxxx, KQxx. He'd expect to be -500 or -800 in ...
What does this double show?
Values / optional. West probably has invitational strength, possibly a minimum GF. He might have 5 spades but doesn't promise 5 (and certainly won't have 6). This X offers East a choice of defending 2DX if East has some diamond length, playing game (3NT or 4S) if East has ...
The Best Bridge Writer
It depends on why I'm reading and at what stage of my career. 1. If I'm reading just for pleasure, I choose Victor Mollo by a mile. He created by far the most interesting characters along with entertaining hands and plots. 2. For learning things that helped improve ...
Katz, Levin, Rodwell Elected to HOF
Congratulations to all three. All are in the tiny group of people I think of as "first ballot sure things" for the HOF.
Overtrick guess
Alan, most of your analysis seems similar to mine: if declarer has KQ(x) of hearts then he doesn't need the extra discard(s), so returning a club will only lose when he has both a third round heart loser and a third round diamond loser. That's one ...
Overtrick guess
For reasons stated above, I strongly believe partner started with Ax of clubs. Nonetheless, it may still be wrong to lead a club at trick 3, even if it gives partner a ruff! If we get this ruff it means declarer's shape was 5-3-2-3 or 5-2-3-3. Either way, even ...
Overtrick guess
I agree with Kit. IMO partner very likely started with Ax. It would be highly unusual to lead the Ace from Axx against a non-slam contract, especially when dummy bid this suit. On top of that, declarer would need to be fairly farsighted (in a good way) to false card ...
1!H-1N; 2!H-2!S
I thought the 2S bid in this sequence was fairly standard, but after reading the thread above maybe it's less firmly agreed than I thought. As I've learned it (and play it), 2S says nothing about spades, it's completely artificial. It shows a good hand (invitational) with ...
Deos anyone have further information regarding the process of evaluating and implementing the new ACBL convention charts?
The board is going to vote at the Spring NABC in Philadelphia. Assuming approval, the new charts will likely go into effect either at the Fall NABC or in 2019; that's one of the issues the Board still needs to decide.
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