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Marty Harris
Marty Harris
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Nov. 3, 2010
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about me

Expert player but not a pro.  Attorney for over 30 years; lately also pursuing a second career as a novelist.  Active in bridge administration:  USBF's lawyer, on ACBL's Anti-Cheating Committee, helped re-write ACBL's convention charts.  Prefer to play my own complex bidding system.  

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
On the last hand of the 2006 5k mini-Spingold, in a very close match, partner raised my non-vul invitation to 3NT with a dead minimum. As he tabled dummy, he said, "Prove me right." Later, I asked what new evaluation method led him to "upgrade" this hand. His answer: "When the stakes are highest, you raise your game and always seem to get things right, so I was betting on you." I made a difficult 3NT, and we won the title.
Bridge Accomplishments
Won 4 NABC events (e.g., 6k mini-Spingold). Second in NABC+ 2-day Swiss, reached semis in 2017 US Team Trials. Numerous regional wins.
Regular Bridge Partners
Jacob Morgan (for 10 years), my sister Miriam Botzum-Harris.
Favorite Tournaments
US Team Trials + Gatlinburg
Favorite Conventions
BLASTorSOR, RABs, and JMH. I invented them as part of my system; no one else plays them. :)
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ACBL Ranking
Gold Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Are You Sure?
Dan, what you're describing is called the "availability fallacy" in psychological research on human decision making (see, e.g., Daniel Kahneman). Most people, when asked to estimate a probability, base their estimate on one or two past instances they can easily picture or recall, not on aggregate statistics. Further ...
Evaluate this hand
IMO, this hand is worth about 11 points in support of spades. Playing standard or sound openings, I would definitely treat it as an invitational / limit raise. However, if playing my preferred light openings, it's borderline. Some days I'd probably go low, other days I'd go high ...
Evaluate this hand
David B, you're in an ornery mood today. The terms "constructive raise" and "simple raise" are both common. It's hard to imagine you have never heard of a simple raise. It's impossible that you don't know the difference between a "constructive raise" vs. an "invitational raise ...
Comedy of errors: how do you straighten it out?
If I was directing, EW definitely get both an adjusted score of 6NT-1 and a PP. 1. The PP. It's 100% clear West used the UI. There's absolutely no other possible explanation for his sequence. If he just wanted to play NT whether or not there was a ...
How would you bid this hand differently?
How is 2NT forcing in the auction: 1H - (1S) - 2D - (2NT)? No one made a GF bid. 2NT is invitational.
How would you bid this hand differently?
I agree with Richard. Most play that bidding a minor first and then rebidding the Major shows extras. The South had is a bare minimum opener (if that), so the normal rebid is 2H. Besides, Ian, your proposed sequence is never happening. North has a good 13 HCP. He's ...
I agree that South should have made a Neg. X on his first turn, but I disagree that it "wouldn't change anything." North is strong enough to act over 3D if South has made a Neg. X. North would know that either we have enough HCP for game (if ...
BIT Ruling and Aftermath
I hope the crowd that thinks a BIT pretty much always shows extras, and therefore always suggests bidding over passing, pays attention to this hand. As many of us in the other camp commented, this BIT was just as likely to show minimum values and/or that Opener is a ...
Defensive problem with interesting ending
Ross, we need to know our lead and carding agreements before we can figure out what partner has shown. Please provide that info ASAP.
The more moral game
At the top level, chess has had far more scandals involving cheating of the most blatant kind. However, if you're talking about the moral dilemmas posed by UI (that old black magic) and by taking advantage of learning results at other tables before playing a board (either by overhearing ...
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