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Lightner not alerted - adjust?
I agree with Michael R. on this one. "Takeout" is descriptive, it's not a "name" of a convention. I also agree that whether or not Lightner Doubles need to be alerted, if the Opps ask, you MUST explain that it asks for an unusual lead, or asks for dummy ...
Lightner not alerted - adjust?
The "no alerts above 3NT" (in ACBL) has an exception if the Opponents are still in the auction. You're not supposed to alert if your side is the only one bidding, because in that scenario the Opps don't usually need to know until the auction is over. Here ...
I consider opening the West hand pretty normal in 3rd seat. East's actions, on the other hand, strike me as crazy.
Is 4333 a semi-balanced distribution?
"Semi-balanced" refers specifically to 5422 or 6322, shapes that include two doubletons. 7222 might qualify as well.
ATB - Fail to compete
I would have doubled initially as West, but it's certainly not a crime to pass that hand. Many commenters above seem to worry about going for -500 or -800 if they double. My experience is the opposite: the risk of losing IMPs by passing, maybe even missing a game ...
Does UI have to be helpful to count?
Dave B wrote: "It was open to the people who make the Laws to write “readily apparent” if they meant “readily apparent”. That they did not is perhaps an indication that they meant “capable of being demonstrated”, which is the readily apparent meaning of the word “demonstrable”. That's a ...
Using 2/1 as a Convention
p.s.: I should clarify, we respond 2C with GF hands that lack a decent 5+ card suit. If we have a 5+ card side suit with 3+ card support for PS, we jump shift immediately: that announces a fit, shows the side suit, and creates a GF.
Using 2/1 as a Convention
My system doesn't have a GF raise to show 4+ card support, and it works just fine. We respond 2C (artif. GF), listen to Opener describe his hand a bit more, and then decide whether to try for slam by continuing to ask questions or whether to sign off ...
how do you bid these hands?
Seriously, you wouldn't GF by Q-bidding with Advancer's hand opposite partner's 2-level overcall? Unless you've agreed to overcall very light at the 2-level, 13 HCP with a good 6 card suit sure looks like GF values to me. My overcalling "style" is to have more than ...
how do you bid these hands?
IMO, the auction was fine until 4C. After partner showed a GF with long hearts, why wouldn't you bid 3NT? If partner has a big club fit, he can pull to 4C, trying for slam. Otherwise, you have a spade stopper and you have diamonds solidly stopped, while partner ...
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