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An interesting hand from a recent sectional
I just read the rest of the article, including the actual layout. You're right about the triple squeeze on the actual layout. However, if declarer has the 4-3-3-3 shape I gave him, there's no squeeze; I can safely discard clubs (partner has KTx behind declarer's AQx). Some ...
An interesting hand from a recent sectional
Daniel, your new description of the lead agreements is much better. Thank you for correcting it. Now I understand and agree with your inference that declarer must have KQ9(x) of spades. Given that, I don't think it's realistic that we can beat 4H without a trump trick ...
An interesting hand from a recent sectional
Daniel, You need to describe the opening lead agreement better than saying "standard." Leading the 8 from 872 is NOT "standard" under any definition of standard that I'm familiar with. It sounds like this pair's agreement is "top of nothing." if that's their lead agreement, say THAT ...
Director, please!
As the rules stand, Cornelia is correct. Personally, I'd like to see this rule changed but the current rule clearly says the Opps can't get any adjustment if you forget your system.
Superb Sportsmanship
Doubles ARE alertable in ACBL events if they carry a "highly unusual or unexpected meaning." (quoting ACBL's Alert Procedures). Most doubles are not alertable, but a few are. Examples of alertable doubles include: (a) a penalty double of a 1-level or 2-level opening bid; (b) a double that requests ...
Best play in 6!C
Josh, taking both the spade finesse and the club finesse is close to 60%. Your line is "a little better than 50%," so not quite as good.
Best play in 6!C
Ulrich, in the case where we run the King of spades and take a club finesse, you calculated the individual components as 34% + 24% but then mis-added those figures. 34% + 24% = 58%, not 52%. Further, you slightly miscalculated the odds of bringing in trumps for 1 loser when they break ...
What's the Best Line?
I strongly agree with Michael that a 5-1 club break is incredibly unlikely on this auction. He explained the reasons very well.
Where did East-West go so far wrong on this hand?
I strongly disagree with the initial pass. West is 6-5 with a very good 6 card suit. How much does he need to open a Weak Two in your system? I don't understand the X, haven't seen it played as showing 4 card support -- but if that's ...
What happens after a psych
John, you are correct about the new convention charts. They clarify that as long as a bid shows the suit opened, it's natural even if it also promises a second suit.
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