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Matt Foster
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Feb. 22, 2017
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James Huntington's bidding problem: AJ2 K542 J J7654
Even if a raise promises 4, and denies a WKNT it’s still a pass.
Winston Chang's bidding problem: KJ752 A QJ3 AJ96
Given that there was only a courtesy raise with 2red available, why should we expect any more than Qxx and a card opposite?
Donald Lurie's bidding problem: KTx --- --- KQJTxxxxxx
My objective is to go plus. Reese wrote about picking up 13 clubs and spoke of objectives. Secondary objective is to make the last guess belong to the opponents. Partner can see the colours, and will know the value of (non-heart) aces.
Donald Lurie's bidding problem: KT9865432 2 T42 ---
I’m struggling to imagine not taking a call, and the associated insurance, with a _nine_ card _spade_ suit.
Waltraud Gruening's bidding problem: 97 AK9 AKJT942 J
What would 3N have shown?
Drew Casen's lead problem: QJ83 T72 A94 T86
I would have chosen this had partner not X
Combining chances in a sound slam
I considered this, but what happens if a spade comes at trick 2,and west has a stiff club?
Combining chances in a sound slam
What if someone, especially west, shows on out the first round of trumps? 0=3 hearts and 3 or 4 spades with west and you’ve just gone down
Combining chances in a sound slam
How about A pitching a spade, then 9 pitching another spade. Just paying off to 5-0 which seems a little unlikely given no X or west being 1=1 in the blacks.
Canape Agape
When I play Canapé & a strong club: 1X 1N 2Y is always Canapé. So with 5=2=4=2 you can open 1 only if strong enough to Canapé reverse into Spades. Minimum with this shape must open 1 and pass a 1N reponse. A side effect of ...
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