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MI (?) Ruling
RF summarises the reason for my ruling perfectly. I await DALBs commentary, as it’s emminently possible I’ve misunderstood his position on such situations.
MI (?) Ruling
What better course of action is advised for NS, in EBUland where A) Players are entitled to assume that a call is non-alertable if it is not alerted. B] Asking questions during the auction creates UI, rather more so than in ACBL land unless one _always_ asks
MI (?) Ruling
That’s an accurate summary. I don’t think that under EBU regulations (whatever you think of them), North should never have been in the position he found himself. No agreement by definition includes “spades”. Why would he risk leaving it in? (Ok, why did he leave it in on ...
MI (?) Ruling
North did not alert 3 His belief was that with a T/O double (as he thought), then 3 was natural and pre-emptive - hence why he passed it. Had East passed it would have been alerted as short spades, and apparently also type case if X wasn’t ...
MI (?) Ruling
I was only called to the table at the end of the hand. I never did get a satisafactory explanation as to why a take out double was chosen with 7 of them.
MI (?) Ruling
This is Wales (Great Britain) where multi is routine.
MI (?) Ruling
The purpose of alerting and announcing is to draw to the opponents’ attention a call by partner that may have a special meaning. If a player is uncertain whether the regulations require an alert, but believes it would help the opponents, he should alert (see also 2A2)
Unusual UI Situation
Was there UI? Yes Where there LAs to the action chosen at the table? Yes Was the action taken suggested by the UI? You bet it was. Slow penalty doubles express doubt, and slow raises/jumps to game express doubt we should have investigated alternative levels/strains. The directors job ...
Unusual UI Situation
Slow shows extras, and that’s pretty well established as precedent from my reading of the past NABC casebooks. I’d need a very convincing poll, correctly carried out, to convince me otherwise.
Bot Forum: Are Bots too Human?
Many years ago at the YC, Richard Probst did something similar opposite me. When I was foolish enough to query his response to Stayman, he cheerfully announced that indeed he didn’t hold a _4_ card major. IIRC we were playing “houses and crosses” on the side, which may have ...
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