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Matt Smith
Matt Smith
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March 4, 2014
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about me

Bridge finals should be played on computers.


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Meeting Ailsa Peacock
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IBPA Junior Deal of the Year 2018.
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Avoid Guesses. Relieve Stress.
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Matt Smith
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Triple strip squeeze?
Just a thought
Yep you're right, I wrote it down wrong. The 10 wasn't meant to be in dummy.
Just a thought
Marshall Miles wrote about the "Kantar" play: ..........954 Q32 ....... AKJ6 ..........T87 West leads 2 against 3NT. East is unsure if West has Qxx or 10xxx. Ace then King asks for an unblock. (edit: 10 moved from dummy to declarer)
What's the position, post-Boye Revelations?
Plea to BBO software developers
I came back to David's post to say the exact same thing. RFID tables should be used. Tablets used for bidding / explanations. 100% accurate broadcasting of all bids/explanations/cardplay to BBO without the need of a vugraph operator.
The Best Bridge Writer Poll
Hugh Kelsey, Tim Bourke, Marshall Miles, Mike Lawrence and Eddie Kantar.
USA juniors victorious in Croatia
Well done
Phil Markey's bidding problem: J8 QJT54 AKQ32 6
These three things appearing together is really funny: - Phil Markey - 1st seat FAV - Solid
Emile Schols's bidding problem: AT9654 AJ52 A3 7
I thought I wanted to pass and try for +100, but then I realised we're cold for 4 if partner has this perfect hand: x xxxxxx xxx xxx Or maybe this one is more likely, and still really good: x xxxxx ...
John McAllister's bidding problem: AJT Axxx KJxx Kx
My method: 1NT 3M = SPL 31(54) slam interest 1NT 2NT.....(Puppet Stayman) 3 3.....(3C ="No 5cM". 3D = (31)(54)) 3 asks shortage: -----3 = Low = 31(54) choice of games -----3NT= High =13(54) choice of games 4m by opener is now non-forcing.

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