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Spring 1994 Cincinnati NABC Appeals Casebook
In the ACBL there is no intermediate step as you describe. At NABCs, you get an initial ruling from the event staff (which usually involves polling where appropriate). Appeals go to an appeal reviewer, who then forms a director panel (directors not involved in the original decision) to come up ...
Ruling on opening 1NT with small singleton (ACBL)
The link posted above from the ACBL site does not include the entire article published in the October, 2019 Bulletin. It seems to have accidentally omitted the portion of the article on a following page that discusses remedies when a player uses an illegal no trump bid. I'll see ...
Claim Ruling
It may be a terrible ruling under Law 70, but as Henrik correctly points out below that law no longer applies after agreement is established. You have to apply Law 69, and its standards are very much different from those in 70. Most of you are judging this case by ...
Convention Cards in NABC+ events
Law 40B2(c)(iv)
Systems Down in ACBL-Land?
Wrong end of the rainbow.
Max Bavin 1954-2019
Max was our gold standard as a tournament director. We all looked up to him and admired his keen ability to get to the heart of a ruling unerringly. He had a razor wit in rare combination with a gentle and kind nature. The directing community feels his loss immensely.
David Caplan (1964-2019) - Our Story
Fred, what a wonderful tribute. Until quite recently, I knew David (and Mark) only as names from Canadian junior teams many years ago. I did encounter them at the Spingold in Toronto in 2017 (where they took out the #4 seed), and got to know them more as they cut ...
Throw Anything
Since it is in the laws, and apparently intended to be there, then maybe its intention is to address situations you find inconceivable but others do not.
Throw Anything
The first sentence of 46B says: "In the case of an incomplete or invalid designation, the following restrictions apply (except when declarer's different intention is incontrovertible)". That applies to B1 through B5. Assuming the parenthetical part was written with intent, I suggest that there must be circumstances where it ...
An Embarrassing Unintended Pass
See 25A2.
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