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Matthew Dyer
Matthew Dyer
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Feb. 1, 2012
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June 16
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Bridge Player

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ACBL Ranking
Gold Life Master
Matty and G-woman
2/1 with variable NT (10-13 or 12-14: weak and weaker)
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Cory and Matthew
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Chicago Duplicate Bridge 2/1 Std
2/1 fast arrival
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UChicago 2016
2/1 fast arrival
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CDB Individual Good Player 2017
2/1 fast arrival
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Matthew and Sarik
2/1 fast arrival
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Lightner not alerted - adjust?
I'm glad so many people have had such extensive fun on Richard's response - I was simply going to respond that in international waters, the first rule about fight club is that you do not talk about fight club. But the rest of you have outdone yourselves. I heartily ...
Lightner not alerted - adjust?
I read through this thread and it reminded me of playing at the Young Chelsea club in London about 10 years ago, we had fully completed ACBL convention cards, and as is tradition in the UK, announced 5-card majors, 10-12 NT and 2/1 at each table. And then we ...
Open Memphis Discussion Thread
My assessment of part of the problem (which I think preceeded Hawaii) is the following: At most nationals, the ACBL negotiates a decent rate for last minute reservations (I remember as a Chicago resident having my jaw drop when I heard (in about 2010) the $170/night for the 2015 ...
Open Memphis Discussion Thread
When I was playing NAP B&C in the 2000s, I would always take two days off work to come in for the Reds as a warmup event, and I think this was very common, and a popular thing to do. There was a significant overlap between the two events ...
UI Rule Intepretation Question
I have no idea of the BW policy on discussing appeals (but it seems like a bad idea). It wouldn't be unusual to present this as a bidding problem. I may comment after the appeal is published.
Open Memphis Discussion Thread
Has anyone found any vegetarian/vegan-friendly places to eat? This is something I would have hoped to see in the restaurant guide, particularly in a city that prides itself on its food (and future NABC restaurant guides take note). But even in a city with a heavily meat-based cuisine, there ...
Anti-Doping Violation by Geir Helgemo results in Team Zimmerman disqualification from Orlando Rosenblum Cup
This seems like overreach to me, particularly given the use of testosterone supplements in men of bridge playing age (19-25 ;) ), and the non-existent use of them for performance enhancing advantage in the bridge world. Maybe the bridge hurdles. Wasn't the IOC the final court of justice for the recent ...
Card holder abuse
I voluntarily use a wooden card rack (with 4 different depth grooves) (to avoid CTS/RSI/arthritis stuff causing problems to my programming career, but not currently out of necessity - I'm in my 40s ), and it has been pointed out to me multiple times how precisely spaced my cards ...
Is it my choice?
I would open the hand, and since it keeps getting better and better with every club bid, I would regret not being able to open it. As two passed hands - do you want to be jumping (regardless of points), or do you try to play in a partscore at the ...
Collegiate Spring Online Tournament Results
I heartily agree with Debbie - having watched, coached and recently proctored this event for many years. The teams are now required to have a human proctor in the room, which will give you some idea of what has happened in the past. On the brightside - they usually vugraph many of ...

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