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Matthew Kidd
Matthew Kidd
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March 10, 2013
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Dec. 9
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about me

ACBLmerge, ACBLgamedump, Payoff Matrix, and Lead Solver developer

La Jolla unit (526) webmaster and vice-president (former president 2012-2018)

Photographer / Photoshopper (over 2800 player thumbnails created)

United States of America

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Winning a two session regional open pairs event partnering with a smart NLM (winning made him a LM)
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Bronze Life Master
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A Recommendation for USA Bridge
Person X? I'm with you Rick, but the time has come to name names. Former D22 district director, Ken Monzingo, reportedly groused about an "eastern cabal". I could take a guess but why should I guess. If we named names and put the pieces together the resulting embarrassment alone ...
Your preferred defenses vs. 1NT
DONT seems good enough against strong notrump. With many partners, I play that 5-4 is okay NV, but essentially never on 5-4-2-2 shape. Much more inclined to be 5-5 at IMPs. I think Mohan is the best defense to weak notrump, achieving equity versus the times when neither you nor ...
Traveler View - negative good will for the club?
I disagree with most of the sentiment here. My experience is that players of all levels usually like the instant feedback. Beginners may just take comfort from knowing they reached a contract that is normal, i.e. reached by lots of pairs they know are competent. Better players might be ...
ACBL partnership with HCL
Speaking of that survey, it's funny that the ACBL will send out a survey which includes a text field for suggestions but cannot find the time to respond to suggestions e-mailed directly to them, even carefully worded ones that include screen captures marked up to indicate exactly what I ...
ACBL partnership with HCL
Steve, this issue has occurred to me too. And again Bridge Results does it right. All the results for all boards are downloaded in a single page load and the board displayed at a particular time is controlled by a dollop of JavaScript as one clicks on the board navigation ...
BOD Journal Motions for Atlanta
I'm all for web movements. We have used them in our unit games when appropriate for several years. But this motion seems like micro-management. Couldn't some NABC committee just instruct the directors to use web movements whenever appropriate in terms of fairness? Isn't that what happens when ...
BOD Journal Motions for Atlanta
The correlation between masterpoints and skill for any single player is poor. But averaged over an entire field it does a lot better because you tend to naturally average over players who ground their way to gold LM, truly strong players, promising players with relatively few masterpoints, etc. In ACBLmerge ...
BOD Journal Motions for Atlanta
Sigh... regarding 3.1 on the top of page 4 of the PDF. If we just factored in strength of field (SoF) we could eliminate about ten rules of this nature. No one has ever explained why this is so difficult of a concept. Is it change in general? Or ...
Bad Habits of Intermediates
It's not just intermediates who ask when they shouldn't. This is from last month: 82 Q8 KJ32 AK632 64 AK AQT754 954 (me) After the uncontested auction, 1 (me) 2 (GF); 2 3; 3 4; 4; 5, RHO starts asking ...
Bad Habits of Intermediates
1. Sucky clueless competitive bidding. Twenty years back my team lost IMPs on nearly every part score in a seven round Swiss. This was so inconsistent with mere bad luck that I immediately began reading Mike Lawrence's [i]Overcalls[/i] and [i]Balancing[/i] books. This helped a lot ...
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