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Matthew Kidd
Matthew Kidd
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March 10, 2013
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about me

ACBLmerge, ACBLgamedump, Payoff Matrix, and Lead Solver developer

La Jolla unit (526) webmaster and vice-president (former president 2012-2018)

Photographer / Photoshopper (over 2800 player thumbnails created)

United States of America

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Winning a two session regional open pairs event partnering with a smart NLM (winning made him a LM)
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Bronze Life Master
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ACBL Live über alles
"Print Scn" is the combination Fn + F11 on Windows. On my Dell laptop the Function (Fn) key is bluish-purple and "Print Scrn" is written in the same color on the key below the F11. It might be Alt + F11 on some computers. But while sending a partial screenshot of a ...
ACBL Live über alles
For setting priorities, I think the two biggest ACBL Live pain points are (1) copy-and-paste is very bad, and (2) board results are not shown for all combined sections. Maritha Pottenger, a local San Diego expert and teacher, emphasized item #1 to me today after a club game. She sends ...
ACBL Live über alles
Interesting. I haven't heard this but it certainly a sensible approach to take.
ACBL Live über alles
"Matthew - I believe (not 100% certain) that these pair-team games are often for sectionals. Won't ACBL Live be handling the results for those similarly?" Peg had wrote this in a reply to another comment but it belongs in this series of replies, so let me answer it here. I ...
ACBL Live über alles
I don't know how many session per week your club has but when I [url=]examined club data in 2016[/url] I found that the table count of the typical club is equivalent to a seven table game once a week. This is ...
ACBL Live über alles
Bud Hinckley's workflow is good and is pleasing to programmers because it doesn't destroy data and doesn't result in an output that is 100 times the size of the input. I don't own BridgeComposer but if you are at all serious about writing about bridge and ...
ACBL Live über alles
ACBLscore has some dark corners. I had almost forgotten about those pair-team things. Isn't Halloween over? Then there is Home Style Pairs. Eventually I wrote code to directly read and parse ACBLscore game files. This allowed Bridge Results to stop relying on ACBLmerge and go in new directions. Everything ...
ACBL Live über alles
Certainly not. But in a robust bridge community there is often a big club that has a dealing machine and which will provide sets of boards to units and even other small clubs for a reasonable fee. Also, the BridgeTab app has an option to have the first table to ...
ACBL Live über alles
In a 15 page article with 15 hyperlinks to verify and 8 illustrative images, eventually you have to decide you have proofread enough, publish it, and move on with life whether you have mentioned every last thing or not. This said, Jay Whipple called me in July 2012 to chat ...
Bad bidding practices that you nevertheless see many long-time players engage in
I played Standard American in one partnership long after 2/1 took over, and in another for the first six months. I think it's quite playable as long as one agrees to 4SF to deal with otherwise unsolvable problems. Playing Standard American in a decent game can have a ...
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