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Matthew Weingarten
Matthew Weingarten
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July 18, 2012
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4 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Junior player who graduated from the University of Florida with a major in Computer Science and minors in Mathematics and Statistics. Now a Software Engineer at Nielsen. Bridge is love, Bridge is life.


If my real name isn't familiar, you might know me by my nickname commonly used by fellow Juniors and/or members of the USBF program, Beans.


I stream Bridge here:

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing with Jeff Meckstroth; Winning the NAP Flight A Pairs in 2019
Bridge Accomplishments
4th in 2016 0-10K Swiss, 9th in 2016 0-10K Fast Pairs, 4th in 2017 NAP Flight B, 22nd in 2018 Fast Pairs, 7th in 2018 Wernher Open Pairs, 1st in 2019 NAP Flight A
Regular Bridge Partners
Steve Ashe, Justin Coniglio, Arjun Dhir, Jeff Edelstein, Sally Meckstroth, and Mark Smith
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Clearwater Duplicate Bridge Club, St. Petersburg Bridge Club, Tampa Bay Bridge Center
Favorite Tournaments
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Gold Life Master
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Copy to my cards View/Print
USBF To Hold U31 Trials for 2020 WYBTC
Yeah, this stinks (also directly affected). That's not a cheap trip to foot most of the bill for, unfortunately. And I'd love to go if it made sense.
Bridge on Twitch
Haha, thanks for the endorsement. That's not always a good thing sometimes but I do appreciate the sentiment.
Mitchell Open BAM Teammates?
Hi Michael, Thanks for reaching out. I actually already found a pair over a month ago (forgot to update this post, sorry), but if they (or you and Freerk) are open to a 6-man team, we might be able to set that up. Thanks!
Another Proposal for SF
Another fellow (soon to be former) Junior here who would go for the earlier start times if there was a choice. A day job has made me "old" pretty quickly :)
Rating Study from ACBL Tournaments
Speedballs definitely shouldn't be introduced into this study. The fields improve (I have to bite my tongue because for the most part, it's a cess pool) throughout the day as they increase in size, so it's not a fair comparison to begin with. Then, you have to ...
What do you play now?
The Kids Table: There is Such a Thing as Bad Publicity
I was unable to see the final product in Vegas but I did see their first edition in Atlanta last summer (which I heard was greatly edited into what the final product became). The one point that really bugs me is the supposed implication that you can't juggle a ...
U31 junior event
I'm also someone who's happy to potentially have another shot as I'm 25 and am unable to play in U26 anymore. Please don't blow these 3 chances, Beans.
Meckwell leaving NICKELL
Nothing to add to the discussion here, but can we stop using LeBron as the metric for leaving for a better situation? The fact that he stayed with the lifeless Cleveland Cavaliers as long as he did is pretty incredible considering what they look like the second he leaves their ...
Bridge on Twitch
Twitch is an online community whose main aim is to provide a platform for people to stream themselves playing video games. The most popular streamers will have thousands of people watching them whenever they're online. Bridge has a very small following on there, but it's definitely enjoyable to ...

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