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Matthias Berghaus
Matthias Berghaus
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Sept. 1, 2015
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Oct. 20, 2016
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about me

I am not as young as I used to be, but still one of the youngest in the club, sad to say... EBL International TD. Certainly not World Class as a player, but competent enough to hold my own below that level.

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Ruling, not so unusual 2NT
I think that you meant to say that EW have no agreement what 3 means opposite a 20 count balanced, having an agreement that 2N shows the unbid suits. I agree. They did have an agreement what 2N was supposed to be, _and_ they had CCs, which beats par ...
What is the right action after receiving UI
I can see where opps are going to take full advantage by making an opening lead based on the misconception, not to mention misinformation, that dummy is going to contain a very long suit with no interest in a major suit contract whatsoever.... They won`t? I wonder why... Oh ...
Rule this claim!
Neither am I, but still no. The player is _not_ entitled to clarify anything. The TD may ask him questions, or he may not. Down one.Money goes to the organizer. I expect any AC to reach such conclusion in under a minute.....
It is that time of year again!!
Depends where you stand, I guess.... next to home plate,behind home plate, whatever...
Looking for Strong Club systems
The two-way 1 was part of the precision system of Alan Sontag and Peter Weichsel, which IIRC was called Power Precision. There was a book on the system by Sontag, no idea whether it is in print. For some years I used to play something akin to what Andreas ...
How would you rule?
Don`t you agree that (if we were to assign the effect you mention as the _idea_ behind the mixed raise) it is a very efficient convention, achieving it`s aim with a high percentage of success?
First Time
Wrong. She competed in our national championship week.
Scoring errors
To deviate from what the discussion mutated to: In Germany our software (the one we use for CCs, I do not know what other software can do) gets access to the hand records including double dummy analysis and alerts the scorer to any score looking remotely unusual. Scores for the ...
Women’s Pairs Also Decided by “BridgeMate Top”
@Harald Maybe no more? I am quite sure a Norwegian director told me at a TD course, probably 2010 San Remo. Forgot his name but could find out, I think.
Women’s Pairs Also Decided by “BridgeMate Top”
AFAIK the norwegian regulations make dummy enter contract, declarer and lead as soon as dummy is put down.

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